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PC Gamers: Which console controller makes the best Gamepad for playing PC games?

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User Info: ZeroRaider

3 years ago#41
Xbox 360 for 3D games and Wii Classic Pro for 2D games.

And I don't want to hear anything else. Anyone who says anything other than this is wrong. They've either never used these two controllers or they are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Period. End of story.

This thread should end here because I know it's going to be s*** after this post.

User Info: Devil_wings00

3 years ago#42
360 for me. I like the feel of the controller, it's wireless, it's easy to set up and almost every game made in the last decade has native support for it where it makes sense.

Not that I am opposed to the PS3/4 controller and I do use it (PS3) for older games that require a better d-pad. Also I like using it when I'm emulating PS2/PS1 games so the on screen button prompts and what not are correct.
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User Info: Arsic

3 years ago#43
I don't have a DS4, but the DS3 was a pain to set up. I prefer the 360 controller to the Xbox One. Mine has a modded d-pad so it's all right. Wish there was better native support for the DS controllers otherwise I'd probably end up using them.

User Info: importvita

3 years ago#44
It really depends:

Ease of use - Xbox 360

Best feel - Playstation 3

Most responsive - Playstation 4

It's all in what you want. Personally, I use a Playstation 3 controller simply because I had an extra one laying around and I was able to pretty quickly get it set up to work as a plugged in Xbox 360 controller. I mean, one quick Google search and 15 minutes of my time to save ~$30-50? Yes, please!

User Info: Bossdog421

3 years ago#45
Hate the 360 controller, havent tried the xbone controller.

Used a PS3 controller for years for emulators, racing and platforming type games. I have a Ps4 now too and i like the DS4 better than the DS3. I rarely use controllers but even then they get more use than the actual console gets...

I'd bather the WiiU controller get some support, even with the screen being lower rez i could totally see using it more than anything else as long as the screen works.
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User Info: MyDogSkip

3 years ago#46
I got a 360 controller specifically for playing PC games. Haven't touched it since I got a DS4.
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User Info: Kageblade23

3 years ago#47
Ningishzida posted...
Pokerkid777 posted...
Not all of us want to get carpal tunnel

Yes, because twiddling your thumbs on a controller all day can't cause the same and similar problems.

it can yes but not to the extent that it will move up your wrist and into your arm as if you were playing on a keyboard
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User Info: krayziejoe

3 years ago#48
Bugger the 1st party controllers, I use a Logitech F310 and have no qualms with it at all. In fact, I think it's better.

It takes a Playstation form-factor, which I always preferred over the Xbox style. The D-pad is quite good. Worlds above the 360's D-pad. And there's a little switch on the bottom too, that switches between emulating an Xbox controller and being recognized as a Logitech. I usually leave it on the Xbox setting for ease of play, but LOVE having the option there to rebind the buttons even if the game won't usually allow it (easy-to-use software to do this came included)

The only "drawback" I've noticed is that it doesn't have vibration functionality. But eh, I'm a PC gamer, I never got used to it anyway
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User Info: Callmege

3 years ago#49
Ningishzida posted...
Using a controller to play PC games?


Yeah have fun turning your cars using a keyboard...
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User Info: beautifuldreams

3 years ago#50
ps for games where movement is designed for the d-pad
xbox for games where movement is designed for the analog
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