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Done with Corsair

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User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#31
You're done with Corsair but you're named after Killah Priest, an artist with more garbage products than Corsair?

User Info: Freedan12

3 years ago#32
I'm going to call this what it is. A Troll Topic.


3 years ago#33
PraetorXyn posted...
At least somebody is finally speaking out against their subpar keyboards. I'm so sick of everyone riding Corsair's d*** over those keyboards that don't begin to compete with Deck, Filco, etc. but have Deck/Filco prices.

Agreed. They are one of the most often recommended brands for keyboards on this board. At the same time, I am not aware of any other well-known mechanical keyboard brand that has had quality (and design) issues in every generation of keyboards that they have made.

The dying LEDs are a common issue. Then there was also the repeated key problem, and keyboards dying when trying to upgrade the firmware. In the meantime, there are a bunch of other brands that have been making keyboards for years without any serious or often occurring issue.

They do not make a bad product, but they do not deserve the recommendation over many other brands. They should be on the bottom, not the top of the list of recommended brands. Unless you are looking specifically for something which allows you to use macros for example. Then there are less options. But they really do not do anything special in the sense that they do not offer PBT keycaps or anything "premium" like that.
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3 years ago#34
I really love my Corsair products. Have a case, cooler, fans, PSU, and keyboard. Can't say anything bad about them. Granted, I don't know how their mechanicals stack up to others.
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User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
3 years ago#35
Thanks for all of the recommendations =p
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User Info: LazyyAmerican

3 years ago#36
Blah...just bought a k70 hopefully it doesn't die on me tomorrow lol
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User Info: noname278

3 years ago#37
Man.... I have Corsair ram(1600mhz), The H80i and a case. I have had nothing die on me from them yet. I will say that the rebranded Seasonic stuff is garbage, I owned three dif Corsair power supplies before I realized they would all just buzz for eternity. I bought 850 watt Seasonic Gold PSU and the thing is quieter and has no buzz problems.
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User Info: LazyyAmerican

3 years ago#38
Uggh that's probably what I'm ****** hearing lately....My lovely corsair PSU...
A true cinematic 24 fps experience
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