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Are PC players going to be begging for Destiny?

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User Info: randy_123r

3 years ago#31
Good thing I have both a gaming PC and a PS4
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User Info: ArkonBlade

3 years ago#32
If it comes great.

if not oh well.
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#33
ChromaticAngel posted...
online petitions are why the PC has Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition.

arleas posted...
Online petitions are mostly useless.

You named one success (if you can call a game that uses GFWL a success). That does not invalidate the statement I made.

For the most part, online petitions are easily ignored. Of course stupid petitions like the one claiming PC was stealing games from consoles (what? LOL) are even more easily ignored, but unless you're petitioning about some kid with brain cancer, or some social cause that the media can get behind, an online petition is like a fart in a hurricane. You know you did something, but you'd be lucky if anyone else notices.

User Info: Flakcon

3 years ago#34
It's a bummer to me that it's not coming to the PC but me and my usual gaming buddies don't really like this kind of genre that much.

So I'll probably get it on my PS4 but it's not the top of my list.
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User Info: YtBoysHavNoLips

3 years ago#35
I feel like once Destiny starts getting 8s and 9s, and dethrones CoD and BF as the most popular FPS, computer geeks everywhere will start flooding the forums with "we want Destiny!"

It's like the only talked about game right now. And everything's lining up perfectly for it to be the next big thing. CoD has been bad for years, and BF doesn't have much destruction after bad company 2 and BF4's maps are horrible.
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User Info: OreoBoy206

3 years ago#36
YtBoysHavNoLips posted...
OreoBoy206 posted...
Possibly but are console gamers going to start begging for it to not come to PC like they did with GTAV?

Looks like that didn't turn out so good for console gamers though...

LOL.. not sure why PC gamers are always begging for console leftovers.

Probably the same reason console owners beg for left overs from other consoles. Examples below...

Besides, PC gamers buying the GTAV for the first time is still not as bad as current gen console owners buying the new GTAV after already owning it on last gen consoles. You guys are paying full price for left overs you already experienced or own, but hey it worked for Tomb Raider so double dipping console owners with GTAV should be a piece of cake.

The real question should be... Are console owners going to continue to get duped into paying full price for recooked last gen left overs they already own or owned?

User Info: HappyHippo04

3 years ago#37
ChickenAndJuice posted...
Why would anyone beg for a mediocre game

This. Played it at a friends house. Shaping up to be a huge pile of "meh". Both Halo and Borderlands are boring games and this seems to essentially be those two games combined. Awful.
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User Info: Biglabron

3 years ago#38
Why is GTA5 even in discussion for this?

Everyone knows they release GTA on pc a year after the console release, they can't handle the development.

Destiny looked like a boring version of borderlands.

As for begging for a pc version, shouldn't they be begging us to want the game? Seeing as consoles are not leading in sales in terms of content. PC and handheld devices are leading the gaming market.
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User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
3 years ago#39
ChickenAndJuice posted...
Why would anyone beg for a mediocre game

This. Seems pretty bland to me. If it comes to PC I'll probably get it during a deep discount for like 10-15 dollars at most, but nothing I've seen has impressed me at all on it
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User Info: reincarnator07

3 years ago#40
Since it worked with GTA5, sure. I'm not lowering myself to play a shooter on a console. No PC = No buy.
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