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I prefer consoles.

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User Info: DiviDude

3 years ago#111
I'd never seen the word "weeaboo" until the last few days, and now I'm seeing it all over the place. What's the deal? New vocab assimilated into the hivemind or something?

User Info: zhenghan

3 years ago#112
TC you can't play Diablo 3 RoS or guild wars 2 or many other PC MMORPGs (which are 99% crap so far)
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User Info: KillerTruffle

3 years ago#113
DiviDude posted...
I'd never seen the word "weeaboo" until the last few days, and now I'm seeing it all over the place. What's the deal? New vocab assimilated into the hivemind or something?

The term is thrown around here every now and then - basically any time someone mentions any Japanese game. It's just a term meant to insult anyone who isn't Japanese but likes Japanese games/culture/etc.

I'm actually curious how many actual Japanese people have been called weaboos since no one actually knows the race of people posting around here...
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User Info: Concession

3 years ago#114
I used to be the same because I've never liked playing games with WASD on a keyboard (I like using the mouse. Heavy KB games give me carpal tunnel) but nowadays pretty much every PC game (that's more KB than mouse) lets you plug and play with a gamepad without messing with the options menu for an hour.

Makes it so I can play mouse games like Railroads with my mouse and play WASD keyboard games like Skyrim with a gamepad. I like this age of PC games.
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User Info: foodeater4

3 years ago#115
I don't want to play games on PC, not because of lack of money, but because I prefer the user interface and simplicity of a console.

I've found windows simpler to use sometimes then Xbox 360 and ps3 interfaces at times.

I don't care about graphics. Honestly I don't. I can't tell you what any of my games run at on my ps4, xbox one, or 360. It doesn't matter to me as long as I can play it. It could all be at 720p and 30fps and I wouldn't care.

I don't really care about graphics either, that's why I have more of a mid range PC instead of some behemoth that costs a crap ton of money. But either way my computer will be much less expensve in the long run due to cheaper games.

I'm married and have a full time job, I do not have the time to sink into getting good at Dota or league of legends, or any mmo out there. Also no time for day z or minecraft or anything like that. I still haven't beaten watch dogs and I got it on day one.

Not every PC gamers players DOTA or LOL. In fact I have never even tried them and I don't plan to anytime soon. No clue why this matters at all.

I prefer big budget "triple a" games like assassins creed, batman arkham games, mass effect, gta, gears, halo, naughty dog stuff, etc... I'm not really interested in the smaller indie stuff that steam is famous for.

PC has all these too and some exclusves of their own.

I don't enjoy sitting at a computer desk on my time off. I enjoy playing on a big screen so my wife and I can kind of be together on the couch.

Hook your computer up to the TV? Is there some rule saying a computer has to be at a desk? What the hell.

All of my friends are not PC gamers. Most of them bought an xbox one this generation. I bought both because I really like their exclusives, and the exclusives are not found on the PC.

That's fine wanting to play some certain exclusves. Up to each person to decide if a few exclusives are worth investment in a whole console. Then again you say you haven't even beat watch dogs yet how you got time to play 2 consoles and all theur games?

I prefer physical media. I like having the game in my hand/on the shelf. Letting my friends borrow my games and me borrowing theirs.

Even consoles are gonna go all digital soon. I'm much rather pay $5.00 for a game on Steam instead of pay $40 for a console game even if its used. I don't need to borrow games from friends anymore.

And one more thing to just throw out there, I love first person shooters with a controller. I honestly can't/don't want to play an fps with a mouse.

You can plug a 360/One controller into a PC and use it for many games. PRetty much all new games have controller support. And I am a PC gamer mainly and I do prefer a controller too on FPS despite all the WASD superiority talk around here.

I'm tired of people saying "peasant box" or "PC master race". I could easily spend 3000 dollars right now and get an excellent PC to play games on but I don't want/need it. Thank you and sorry for the blogfaqs.

You don't need to spend $3,000 at all. Your budget is at least $2000 to much and you could go even couple hundred cheaper and still have a better then console experience.

User Info: CrunchBandicoot

3 years ago#116
MyDogSkip posted...
And you felt compelled to preach your ignorance here for what reason?

God forbid! Someone doesn't have the same opinion as you do!

Remember, a different preference or opinion is not equivalent to ignorance.
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