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I prefer consoles.

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User Info: BeerOnTap

3 years ago#41
Well in all fairness to TC, games like DOTA and LoL are just plain awful in my opinion. Those clicky clicky mouse strategy games are just boring to me. And they seem to dominate the PC's library. Just look at the top ten games on PC right now. One look at that and it's easy to get the impression that's the only type of game available on PC.
Why build a thousand dollar plus rig just to play a bird's eye view strategy game that a toaster could run?
I love my PC, and I play games that actually have action and aren't like a mouse driven game of chess.


3 years ago#42
Not trying to be mean, but you sound like PC gaming is something you may have never really given a try.

You like the simplicity and interface of consoles for example. It is not like if you start up Steam you are confronted with anything more complex than what you see on your console homescreen. Also, you of course do not have to sit behind a desk, you can set up your PC anyway you like.

Preference about the type of games you like is fair. Personally I prefer the PC exclusives (the RTS genre for example and arena shooters), but that is personal and subjective. I will say that your preference for the controller, at least to an extent, just sound like something you prefer because that is simply what you are used to. But again, that is personal and subjective, and up to you.

The physical media thing will soon be a moot point for either PC and consoles, and the peasant/master race thing is just a joke, only taken seriously by idiots. Your preference of liking big budget games is only a little relevant, with almost all of those games going multiplatform nowadays anyway.

Not saying you can not legitimately prefer consoles. I think that even one game can be all it takes for a person to choose the platform he or she plays on. But other than the games you can play on them, I find your arguments a little off to be honest. They are not stupid or out of place, but they sound like the arguments of someone who has only really played console, and decides on his preference without properly considering the alternative. Arguments like "I do not want to sit behind a desk" and "I do not care about graphics" are not real reasons to stay away from the PC as a gaming platform. But that is just my opinion.
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Gandalf the Istari 3 years ago#43
So do I - why? If I boil it down to one reason: JRPGS. The vast majority of them get console only releases.
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User Info: nickizgr8

3 years ago#44
I haven't read any thing in this topic but these usually float around every other week so I'll just but the basics of a reply in.

You can connect your PC to your TV and play in "the comfort of your own living room".
You can use a controller on PC. I myself use a PS4 controller for some games.
You don't need to spend an absurd amount of money for a good PC
PC has party chat. It has better party chats than what the consoles have.
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User Info: KCGemini

3 years ago#45
Bill_Burr posted...
I don't consider Dota or league triple a.

I know about big picture mode and don't care. Most people play at desks with monitors and that was what I was basing my argument on. What the majority of people do.

It's alright, most AAA titles aren't worth the time or money anyway due to being barely improved sequels. One can only buy the barely changed 60$ game so many times...
What's wrong with the world these days is people don't have any common sense...

User Info: CheIseaGrin

3 years ago#46
I agree completely. i can play all the computer games i need right here on my laptop. and consoles are simple and fun. In some way PC is gamers are like taking gaming too far. Consoles are good enough but some people are just never happy
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User Info: TheWhoFan

3 years ago#47
Bill_Burr posted...
I know about big picture mode and don't care. Most people play at desks with monitors and that was what I was basing my argument on. What the majority of people do.

The majority of people have to stop doing what they do because you don't like it? Awesome.
PC + Nintendo 3DS + Nintendo Wii U. Nothing else comes even close.

User Info: Freelance_Wolf

3 years ago#48
The PC have thousands of exclusive games, none of which are indie. Why do non-PC gamers think that PC games either are all indie, or don't have any exclusives?? This is one of the most ignorant things I've heard people say about PC gaming.
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User Info: AsucaHayashi

3 years ago#49
Most of them bought an xbox one this generation.

i guess we know what type of crowd TC is part of.

PC hardware doesn't need to match console hardware in price when PC gamers save literal thousands from the software they buy.

User Info: samuraigaiden

3 years ago#50
Gandalf the Istari posted...
So do I - why? If I boil it down to one reason: JRPGS

AKA the 1 good game per decade genre
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