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PC gamers what tablets do ya prefer Android, Windows 8, or iOS?

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User Info: kobalobasileus

3 years ago#11
Windows 8 is the only true tablet experience. Those other OSes are for phones.

User Info: Acquire

3 years ago#12
I don't have a tablet and don't plan on ever buying one. I've used android, ios, and windows 8 tablets though. The only ones worth owning are the ones running actual desktop windows 8. The new surface pro 3 is a pretty awesome device. Not for me though.
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User Info: Paulo_Lopes

3 years ago#13
I have a Nexus 10, but since I moved country and decided to get rid of my desktop and notebook before the travel I got myself a Surface 3 to use in Computer sciences class and for work as well. I must say, overall, I'm enjoying the Surface more than I have ever enjoyed the Nexus 10 even though I never truly complained about it before. Android is still great and I deeply enjoy its customization options, hell my UI for phone and tablet look completely different from stock due to pieControl and smartLauncher for example.

If not due to the fact that I'm already such a long time user of gmail and its echo system, I could actually see myself going for a Windows Phone when I upgrade from my Nexus 4 just to keep things in the same family, alas, that won't happen since gmail and its "brother" services don't play nice with WPhone and I'm far to used to that to change for now.
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User Info: jedinat

3 years ago#14
Acquire posted...
The only ones worth owning are the ones running actual desktop windows 8.

That's a joke. When an actual desktop windows 8 tablet can run Perfect Viewer and be the perfect manga reading device I'll admit a desktop windows-running tablet is worth owning at all itself.

User Info: claytonbuckley

3 years ago#15
Only ever used Andrioid, so guess i'll go with that.

Even if i had used the others it would probably still be my fav.
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User Info: viserdes

3 years ago#16
Lemur_H posted...

User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#17
I have an iOS phone and (vanilla) android tablet. Not really a huge fan of android in general and I know I wouldn't want an iPad. If I were to buy another tablet I'd probably spend the extra to get one of those windows 8 ones with a keyboard stand, and honestly I'd probably never take the stand off. I just don't have a need for a tablet at all, though I do use my phone for work quite a bit.
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User Info: load

3 years ago#18
I don't do tablets but I like Android phones. I dunno if you can dev on iPhones, but if you can't then plus one for android.
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User Info: shmirlywhirl

3 years ago#19
Up until recently I would have said iOS. It just ran so much smoother and every android seemed clunky by comparison. Now that android runs better I'll go with that.
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User Info: TreyTrey619

3 years ago#20
Well since I have an android phone, I guess android tablet.
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