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PC gamers what tablets do ya prefer Android, Windows 8, or iOS?

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User Info: Callmege

3 years ago#41
None. I don't like tablets.

I've had a good few goes on an ipad and was throughly unimpressed. It did nothing my galaxy s3 couldn't do except it was infinitely more cumbersome and arcane to use.

Just... Yeah. Cumbersome and unnecessary. I have a good smartphone and a good laptop, they do everything the ipad does and more besides, and they do it more easily.
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User Info: Blobs_

3 years ago#42
None, but if I really had to I'd pick android.
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User Info: sarevokmb

3 years ago#43
Windows 8 is obviously the best in terms of applications and usefulness, but whether or not it works for you in tablet format is the deciding point. For me, it works perfectly, and I think the Surface Pro line are the best tablets on the market. I love switching from a tablet to a moderately powerful laptop in seconds, and being able to play a huge amount of games on it is definitely a plus.

If you can't do Windows on a touch screen, Android is the clear choice. Don't waste your time with iOS.
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User Info: sarevokmb

3 years ago#44
Enigma149 posted...
For tablets? iOS.

Look, as an operating system, Android is probably better, and Windows 8 is far beyond both. But iOS has far more apps than Android has for tablets, and even more good apps. It doesn't help matters when the vast, vast majority of Android tablets are either a) really cheap (and not in a good way), or b) have some sort of custom skin causing the entire thing to become a bigger, crashier, laggier mess than it already is (being completely fair, iOS and Windows crash and lag, too - just not, in my experience, to the extent android does). Meanwhile, Windows 8's app selection is still minimal (though, as I understand, better than Android in pure quantity), and while the ability to run desktop applications is something fantastic, 99% of them can't be run well (or at all) on a touchscreen.

Having said that, I don't have an iPad, nor do I plan on buying one soon. The only thing I could ever see myself buying a tablet for is an ebook reader, and I'm not going to buy ebooks until the whole mess surrounding them is cleared up.

I should add that I really like how the iPad uses a 4:3 aspect ratio and the SP3 a 3:2 one, both of which seem perfect for tablets. For some reason, android tablets all seem to have 16:10 (or, worse yet, 16:9) aspect ratios. These may be nice for TVs and computer screens, but can be very unwieldy in a tablet, being too wide in landscape and too narrow in portrait. I have seen android tablets with 4:3 screens, but they were all the dirt-cheap $100 tablets that aren't even worth looking at.

You are completely misinformed. Almost all Windows applications work fine on a touch screen. As for games, it depends. Obviously a FPS isn't going to work wonderfully without a few modifications (which are available for most games), but a massive amount of games work perfectly well.
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User Info: iBlackice25

3 years ago#45
Android phone for sure. Tablets is a tie between iOS and Android.
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