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Poll: RPG fans, do you like monster's level scaling or set ?

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User Info: Romancer_Zero

3 years ago#101
Set. I want to feel accomplished when I level up.
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User Info: JsReznor

3 years ago#102
I like how Sacred did it. Enemies are set by geographic location, and after you are totally OP'ed for one area, if you kill enough monsters, the area is "At Peace" and there are no more conflicts there when you have to backtrack for quests.

User Info: gamedude00000

3 years ago#103
Personally I like both. I like a mix in games when possible.
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User Info: Newave

3 years ago#104

FFVII did it perfectly.
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User Info: ChromaticAngel

3 years ago#105
Newave posted...

FFVII did it perfectly.
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User Info: renskyfire

3 years ago#106
Set, I like to see my grinding in older rpgs rewarded by destroying enemies. It also gives a sense of your character getting stronger. The monsters that gave you a rough time before now are just kind of knocked aside. Oblivion made it feel as you leveled up you got weaker unless you put your stats in just right. Heck even then if you leveled too much monsters wooped your ass. If you want a challenge, just go to places earlier than you're supposed too. But scaling is just kinda meh to me because it takes away that sense of getting more powerful. Not a deal breaker in getting the game but still.
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User Info: MyDogSkip

3 years ago#107
Open world (go anywhere, anytime), scaling. Otherwise, set. The latter type will generally force you to go to higher leveled areas as you progress the story. The former allows you to do most anything whenever you want. I think it just fits this way.
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User Info: Cactuar512

3 years ago#108
Set for the most part. Scaling is a big part of why I dislike Bethesda's RPGs.
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User Info: BlueEye0

3 years ago#109
Set. I like grinding in grinding spots. Altough scaling would mean you get a good amount of EXP at all times.
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User Info: iBlackice25

3 years ago#110
I like set better imo.
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