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Poll: RPG fans, do you like monster's level scaling or set ?

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User Info: bluegender4ever

3 years ago#121
scaling doesn't make for a very fun experience, and it feels like a cop out by developer short sightedness. If levels aren't set in some meaningful way to control progression, how can you guide players this way or that? If every enemy scales with you, in what way does the game continue to present challenges? The only way would be to scale up, which would be unfair without reason, whereas if the enemies were set to really strong values, it could be so for challenge reasons or to deter players from that area. Zones in WoW and the Islands Closest to Heaven/Hell in FF8 are good examples of this. Ironically FF8 also exhibits that scaling doesn't make for a challenge either; even if you never level up you can completely destroy that game with clever junctioning simply because the scaling is only set on character levels and thus flawed.

One of my major peeves about the Dead Island games was the fact the enemies scale to you and always do the same amount of damage per hit. Combat against the vast majority of basic enemies becomes trivial once you unlock a single skill, Stomper, and it stays that way all the way up to max level. The best equipment you could ever find will never be as effective as simply squishing heads, and it wouldn't matter anyway, because enemies will always do a % of your max HP per hit, tanke similar amounts of damage from weapons, etc. Certain skills can have tiny modifications to it, but ultimately it's almost exactly the same thing at either 10 or 70.
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User Info: DarkFire_52nd

3 years ago#122
Scaling usually just makes every part of the game the same as any other, to the point where you may as well just remove the levelling up system (or JUST give abilities for EXP). I don't want challenges in the game to be specifically designed so that I can do them, I want the challenges to just be there and whether I can do them or not depends on my preparation and skill.

If you want to be able to just do anything at anytime in an open world game, a changeable difficulty setting should be enough for that. I personally want there to be parts of the game that kick my ass until the combination of my skill and my characters' stats, abilities and equipment are enough to get through that part. Then it will feel like I actually did something.

If the easier parts of the game becoming too easy is a real problem and scaling is the only solution, then you could scale the levels of things to something other than the player's level, such as progression through the main quest or how much in-game time has passed. This way levelling up would actually make you stronger like it's supposed to, and random mooks wouldn't weirdly become super-powered for no reason at all.

I guess random events (not random encounters at a given location, I mean things that randomly happen anywhere in the world) should scale to your level though.

Set has less chance of making the game worse than it should be so that's what I voted.

User Info: Digital_S

3 years ago#123
Set. I want to struggle in the beginning and feel like a god eventually.

User Info: JhayCee

3 years ago#124
Set because I want to feel powerful eventually.

Earthbound has a good system. It's a set level but when you backtrack to the town that has low-level monsters you can fight them and win automatically without going through the battle system. It makes you feel like you progressed AND you don't actually have to waste your time battling those weak monsters.
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User Info: Captain_Khaos

3 years ago#125
Set = Hardcore gamer
Level Scaling = Casual gamer

Grinding is for casuals.

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User Info: hitokiri13

3 years ago#126
Set. It's just not right where you can get anywhere in the world as lv 1. Skyrim is good example of it.
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User Info: Dawnshadow

3 years ago#127
For linear games, set levels.

For open world... scaling, but scaling that slowly sets as you adventure in an area. That way, you can do things in any order-- you're not going to be forced to go elsewhere because you decided to do a side quest 10 levels before the developers intended you to-- but if you go back to somewhere you last adventured in 10 hours ago it'll still be lower level than you. Intended high level areas can also have a minimum level on their scaling.

For open world games, make scaling late game enemies more difficult by giving them better tactics and AI, not by making them damage sponges who are higher level than you. A low level character might not have the skills required to defeat them.
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User Info: Blobs_

3 years ago#128
It depends on the RPG lol.

If it's an open world RPG, a mix of scaling and set monster level is probably best when done right.
If it's a more linear RPG, then you should probably have set levels so that it maintains a sense of progression better, and to please the kiddies that love grinding.

EDIT: basically what the guy above me said
is haha
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