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What was the Golden Age of PC Gaming?

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User Info: rainmcmanis

3 years ago#71
This thread mostly is going to coincide with respondent age.

That being said, for me the golden age started around 94ish with the great Sierra point and clicks and really it is still going. I don't think there was ever a lull for me with great and interesting games.

User Info: Foxigon

3 years ago#72
PC gaming is always in a golden age. You can always play your favorite old games without breaking in to a storage locker. --
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User Info: RPGMatt

3 years ago#73
If you think this is a golden age for gaming, PC or otherwise, you're f***ing delusional.

User Info: Clashtonn

3 years ago#74
RPGMatt posted...
If you think this is a golden age for gaming, PC or otherwise, you're f***ing delusional.

Yeah only those blinded by nostalgia have a sound mind.
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User Info: Ragnawind

3 years ago#75
The 90s and that is it, Not really interested in many exclusives after that period

User Info: Bossdog421

3 years ago#76
Easily 1993 - 2004

Doom, Quake, Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Bullfrog Productions, and Halflife just to name a few.

Those were the days...
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User Info: DexterTheThird

3 years ago#77
In terms of creativity and new IP, I'd have to say around the mid-nineties, with great point & clicks, MMOs, and competitive multiplayer shooters finally getting the technology they needed to work effectively.

But I'd actually say now is the true golden age: high-end computers are more affordable than ever and competitive game pricing + easy methods of running old games makes PC gaming accessible to anyone. You can play all the retro PC titles you want!
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User Info: ThePylon

3 years ago#78
Froyo101 posted...
ThePylon posted...
There is no golden age, we have lulls then a renaissance. It will be this way as long as tech keeps advancing. In 10 years there will be people saying now is a golden age of gaming (the age of the indie developer) and in 20 years they will say in 10 years was the golden age.
This is not console gaming, where developers now have to appease the masses with every release (and even more masses same time next year).

Even though I think 96-06 is the best, I have to admit what you said is true. PC gaming keeps evolving and 10 years from now I'll probably be able to rattle off a list of the best games from 2006-2016 and why they were so great and helped to advance the industry. Heck, I can already think of a few. Oblivion, starcraft ii, diablo iii, guild wars 2, lol, dota 2, rust, dayz, arma 2-3, mount and blade warband, fallout 3/nv, skyrim, minecraft, tf2, rainbow six vegas, splinter cell blacklist, l4d, lotr conquest, and a bunch of others.

I don't think I could possibly agree with you more lol, I literally feel the same way. If I was asked even a a year and a half ago I would have probably said the 96-06 decade, it was amazing.
I think now it is easier to see what the future will bring to the platform and is much easier to be excited for it.
Like I fired up Elite Dangerous for the first time after having backed it a while ago...... holy mother of god what an amazing piece of software. Seeing that makes me giddy for when Im grey and Elite: Geriatric comes out.
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User Info: WilliamGeesdorf

3 years ago#79
From SNES/Genesis to PS2/Xbox/GameCube.

User Info: Radar

3 years ago#80
2020's. You'll see. It will blow your mind out your ear holes. The indie people will have taken over and every game will be 2D and pixel sprites, with some heavyhanded but not well developed plot.
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