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Do you care about "pimping" your rig?

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User Info: Piggins12

3 years ago#21
I pimp my rig under the hood . . . where it counts! Then I put a nice clear window on the side of the rig so you can see all the tender love that went into it.

User Info: -5xad0w-

3 years ago#22
Rig better have my money.
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User Info: King Pazuzu

King Pazuzu
3 years ago#23
No. Only because I'am on a limited budget, so I'd spend what money I have on upgrading and getting good performance rather than my PC looking nice.
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User Info: Nex-Gen63759

3 years ago#24
I put a little sticker from the doctor on it

User Info: LazyyAmerican

3 years ago#25
Honestly if liking the LEDs means I'm a "kiddo" then that's great...I'm all for rewinding.
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User Info: sonicteam2k1

3 years ago#26
nah but I do throw a bunch of fans in it. Need to keep it cool
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User Info: Edavy89

3 years ago#27
Nope, not at all. I don't see any point in putting anything in my computer that isn't 100% for functionality.

User Info: Nicodimus

3 years ago#28
Nope. I like a black box that screams minimalism.
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User Info: Explicit Dank

Explicit Dank
3 years ago#29
Had the awesome idea of making my case into a Trioxin canister, kinda like the cases you see people do up with a theme, with the call # and a cutout of Tarman on the front, even bought the paint and a piece of glass.

Then I wanted to play a game so I put it together and never did it.
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User Info: KidInTheHall

3 years ago#30
^ Yeah that would be pretty bad ass.
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  3. Do you care about "pimping" your rig?

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