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PC gamers I have a question

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User Info: Darkstorm16

3 years ago#1
I hear so many PC gamers trying to build pcs so they can run next gen....but do you ever replay the last gen over and over?
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User Info: Clashtonn

3 years ago#2
No. PC gamers never play old games. We only play games released within the past week or so.
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User Info: Puckswack12

3 years ago#3
What's a gen?

User Info: Pyro_Yuy

3 years ago#4
I think he's taking about pokemon.

Well to answer your question. I preferred the story in b/w, but the meta in x/y is so much better. Screw smogon.
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User Info: Pal 080

Pal 080
3 years ago#5
For the most part I'm only playing fairly recent games, but I also regularly return to some classics, or personal favourites from the mid-nineties or early 2000's. Don't really play any games older than that unless they're on the SNES.

But yea... they aren't really generations when it comes to PC, it's just a steady stream of games with slowly increasing hardware requirements.
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User Info: r7gerrabbit

3 years ago#6
There are no generations in PC gaming.
A game released in 1999 is just as valid as a game in 2014.

I play what is good. When it was released is irrelevant.

Games on PC just release as one steady never ending stream. And as time goes by the minimum specs, on average, go up.

User Info: SinisterSlay

3 years ago#7
I still play DOS games.
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User Info: Puckswack12

3 years ago#8
Oh then yes. X/y was great and all but there's just something about s/g that keeps me coming back for more. R/b is obsolete.

User Info: Pyro_Yuy

3 years ago#9
Btw, don't call it next gen tc, it's the current gen. Unless if you mean to say we're chasing after the 9th gen of consoles.
Lieb ohne Seele...

User Info: AsucaHayashi

3 years ago#10
lol if people actually played games from older gens you'd think there would be a site dedicated to selling all them good old games lol

PC hardware doesn't need to match console hardware in price when PC gamers save literal thousands from the software they buy.
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