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Has a game company ever broke your heart?

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User Info: Pyro_Yuy

3 years ago#11
NeilJWD posted...
Half Life 2: Episode 3.


They're going to reboot it.
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User Info: Hanlo_is_back

3 years ago#12
Puckswack12 posted...

It's not really their fault though
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User Info: Edavy89

3 years ago#13
SOE when that ass-face John Smedley ran galaxies in to the ground with the NGE. I quite sincerely hope he gets his genitals caught in a blender.
Haley Joel Osment 3 years ago#14
Sega. Over and over again since 2001.
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User Info: ThisGuy101

3 years ago#15

They're my favorite game developer, and they're not releasing Quantum Break on PS4, Xbox 360, or PC. I own all three of those completely different gaming consoles, and they're releasing exclusively on Xbox One.

And I'm not buying an Xbox One to play one game, even if Max Payne is my favorite video game series and Alan Wake is in my top 3 favorite video games.
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User Info: ghstbstr

3 years ago#16
Yep, Gearbox with Aliens: Colonial Marines.
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User Info: Theonerayman

3 years ago#17
I'm still sitting here just...crushed. I loved this company and maybe it's partly my fault for putting them on such a high pedestal. They were a small company who I wanted to believe in, but now. I don't know.
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User Info: Z_hunter91

3 years ago#18
Capcom for ruining one of my all-time favorite series.
Why couldn't they just make RE5/6 spin-off games instead?

They used to make such great games.
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User Info: SpazH3d

3 years ago#19
ghstbstr posted...
Yep, Gearbox with Aliens: Colonial Marines.

This, and Duke Nukem Forever. I will never love again because of them! (kidding)
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User Info: jake-sf

3 years ago#20
I trusted Magicka's developers, and then they pulled worthless DLCs out of their ass.

I liked Blizzard, and then they did a terrible StarCraft sequel, a terrible Diablo sequel, and destroyed WoW (Blizzard is in my mind, absolute crap at game making now, despite the adoration around them).

I also had a lot of appreciations for Bioware, I was rather active back in the pre-ME days and when ME was in development, and I was active with some nice developers.

And then those idiots thought being with EA was good, and so they too broke my heart (and proved time and time again how wrong they were). Bioware were never perfect, and they had a lot of flaws in X and Y games, but they always had souls, which I feel they lost overtime, and they had to lose it before they sold out to EA, because the mere desire to be with them means they had long lost their minds.

Valve has also consistently broke my heart with how patheticly inexcusable their lack of communication with their fanbase is, and how much they moved to Steam-social-steambox-bullcrap that's irrelevant to the true gaming I thought they were part of.

Epic games turned to complete and total garbage with Gears of War and UT3.

I'm sure I could go on... Everyone, everywhere, just sold out.
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