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User Info: godplaysSNES

3 years ago#41
Mrtyu posted...
skyrim is lightly modded with workshop items and has 2k tex packs. The system is about half a year old and I haven't updated the BIOs but I've heard that you should only update the bios if you really have to.

Go into the BIOS and check what version it is. Your FX 6300 is officially supported first from BIOS version 1006.
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User Info: Mrtyu

3 years ago#42
It says American Megatrend 1903 under bios version would that be the correct number?

I've given up on the game because I got my friend to try it out with his card which is the same as mine but all his other components are different but still around my computers tier and he got the same problem with the flames.
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