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Did Dragon Age Inquisition get delayed?

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  3. Did Dragon Age Inquisition get delayed?

User Info: Waytoodeep03

3 years ago#1
Why? This game looked finished from the gameplay on youtube. Did EA get wind of the GTA 5 release in October?

User Info: Monkeymage

3 years ago#2
No, there's no possible way EA could have known about a huge announcement from E3. I'm pretty sure they're still using optical telegraphy.
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User Info: BMXJouster

3 years ago#3
Yeah, it was delayed until November 18th.

I'm pretty sure it had something to do with October having so many major game releases (on DA:I's original release day alone it was set to be released along with Shadow of Mordor, NBA 2K15, Alien: Isolation and Driveclub).
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  3. Did Dragon Age Inquisition get delayed?

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