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GTR: Evolution steam key

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User Info: xcvsfd

3 years ago#1
First come first serve.

For a real shocker when the game retailed the disc said "Disc 1" on it. The game was so hard it killed it's own second disc. -CammyApple on Nocturne

User Info: blacklable1617

3 years ago#2
Already taken
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User Info: kill2this

3 years ago#3

The games available for free from PCGamer/Bundlestars, but you require a Facebook profile to get a key, if for whatever reason there's someone out there who legitimately like racing sims but doesn't have access to a FB account (you could make one purely for this) then I have a spare key if you send me a PM.
Note I would like this to go to someone who will gain enjoyment out of it, it's not a NFS /Gridstyle arcade racer, it's more sim orientated.
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