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Can't connect gs3 as media device to PC

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User Info: XxTwisted26xX

3 years ago#1
I recorded videos on my phone that I want on my PC, but I can't connect it as a media device to my PC. The only way my gs3 shows up is if I change the settings of my phone to connect as a Camera. If I switch it back to Media (to switch songs and videos) my computer syas "downloading driver" then error and wont connect. Anyone know whats going on? Theres similar issues I rea don Google without any resolution... :/
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User Info: Davel23

3 years ago#2
If you just want to copy the files over try Airdroid.
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User Info: PraetorXyn

3 years ago#3
You have to download the driver. Search the web for it. It will be different based on your device model (SCH-I535 or d2vzw is the Verizon model).

After that, if you have the stock ROM it will try to connect as an installer. Ignore that, and go to the pull down drawer. There you ca change it to connect as an MTP device.
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