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Looking for a Sexual MMORPG.

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User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#21
Those new Tauren character models look pretty hot.
"Opinions are like magnets, nobody knows how they work." - Foppe

User Info: Jocko

3 years ago#22
This all sounds terrible. I'll have to tag this so I can do some research on this later. I can then inform the church elders about my findings and get this trash off the internet!
The oxygen's leaving my brain!!! --Clucky the Chicken

User Info: SAfricanGamer

3 years ago#23
scarlet blade downloading
I openly practise Theistic Satanism.
Do not let the word 'Satan' scare or anger you, the difference between Satanism and Theistic Satanism is light and day.

User Info: Sora_Anbu

3 years ago#24
SpazH3d posted...
Scarlet Blade. Every armor you wear looks like something about of a porn fantasy, and you can buy an underwear remover from the in-game store. The game itself is free! (but so is getting your nuts punched)

... I'm gong to be back in a minute... I need to... Clean the fish. Yeah. Fish
"The best thing to happen to Linux is the release of Vista." Jack
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