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Is 60hz enough for PC gaming?

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User Info: dragon504

3 years ago#11
r7gerrabbit posted...
60hz will be standard for a few more years yet. It will take time for the average persons average hardware to run games above that.

My bet is middle of PS4 life when PCs are absolutely destroying what can be done with consoles.

This, especially with 4k emerging.

User Info: cainism25

3 years ago#12
been gaming at 110hz 1440p for 2 years now, and it makes gaming 100x more fun, everytme i try to game at 60hz i want to throw up lol, even a card game like hearthstone is more fun at 110hz, so smooth, no card blur at all when u draw a card, etc. enhances the experience.

to each his own.
2500k @ 4.8ghz ~

User Info: Jocko

3 years ago#13
32" 4k 144hz IPS with Gsync. Until then I'm good with what I got . . . which is none of that.
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User Info: Psythik

3 years ago#14
Considering that my PC struggles to maintain 40-50 FPS as is in modern titles (well, at least when I turn on 3D), there's no point in me upgrading to 144Hz until GPU technology catches up with the graphics.
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User Info: Voxwik

3 years ago#15
25hz is good enough, for some of us. Don't get me wrong I like higher frame rates, but 60hz itself is a luxury to me and anything more doesn't concern me. I think frame rate stability is far more important than the raw number.

User Info: arleas

3 years ago#16
Shub posted...
I won't say that I miss 60 Hz after upgrading to 144 Hz, but I was fine with 60 Hz for over a decade and I still am. I hated it on CRTs because 60 Hz is slow enough that you can see the flickering, but on LCDs, no problem.

Yeah, on a CRT 85Hz was the minimum I could stand (and unfortunately I think it was the Maximum my monitor could do at high resolutions).

After staring at a CRT at 60hz for hours on end I'd get a monster eyestrain headache, but with LCD monitors that's not a problem at all.

User Info: thatfool12Gs

3 years ago#17
Ultimately, you control your own destiny.
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User Info: Ticking_Death

3 years ago#18
60hz is the minimum for PC gaming.
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User Info: gersfan

3 years ago#19
Jocko posted...
32" 4k 144hz IPS with Gsync. Until then I'm good with what I got . . . which is none of that.

You're welcome!
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