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Which is the best Elder Scrolls game - Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim?

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User Info: Skeletal_King

3 years ago#51
Morrowind > Skyrim > Oblivion.

Morrowind was just AWESOME visually, with vastly different themes between each area.
Skyrim had great visuals, but it was mostly the same. Either snow (Which I LOVE), or wasteland.
Oblivion was boring.

Oblivion = Skyrim > Morrowind.

Hands down, Skyrim and Oblivion win this.
Oblivions spell casting in combat was better than Skyrim, while melee/archery combat in Skyrim was superior.
Casting in Morrowind sucks. Melee combat in Morrowind sucks. Archery in Morrowind sucks.

One thing Morrowind had was Variety, but at the same time lacked Variety. Does that make sense?
Daggers are the same as Axes, Swords and Maces.
Maces were the same as Axes, Swords and Daggers. And so on.

With Oblivion and Skyrim each of the different weapon types AT LEAST have something different to them other than their stats. Different abilities at higher skill levels.

tl;dr combat in Morrowind sucks ass.

Skills, stats and leveling
Oh my god this is no god damn CONTEST in that Skyrim >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Morrowind > Oblivion

Leveling in Skyrim isn't a pain in the ass. It's simple and streamlined.

You don't have to worry about the PERFECT balance of skills in order to level up without wasting a level up. (Oblivion and Morrowind - Oblivion moreso)

There aren't a billion useless skills, like Athletics or Acrobatics. Acrobatics didn't really have a point in Oblivion outside of 1 quest for the thieves guild, and was annoying to raise. Plus in morrowind/Oblivion you run at a snails pace until you can AFK grind up Athletics to 100.

In Skyrim, certain skills were condensed into one or more. This was ****ing nice because if you're playing without trying to find all the secrets and basically power game it, you can AT LEAST find an upgrade weapon in the form of a different weapon, without sticking to an old crappy weapon because you're not skilled in it. Find a good axe in Morrowind? Nope! Useless! You're stuck using a sword!
Spears were the only unique weapons because of their range. (Had crappy damage though)

Medium Armor was for all intents and purposes, useless. Even Light Armor was better than Medium armor's end game armor. The only thing Medium Armor had going for it was like, 2 artifacts and the fact that Medium Armor was in general easier to get than Light Armor or Heavy Armor.

Weapon and armor durability being removed was nice because that system was just a giant pain in the ass. The Armorer skill took too god damn long to raise, and carrying tools around was annoying.

Speechcraft and Mercantile being merged into 1 skill was much better than having 2 pain-in-ass skills to raise.

Unarmored was meh. Even at 100 you still would get your ass kicked. And really, only reason Unarmored was put into the game, was for Khajiits and Argonians, since they cannot wear boots (Outside of modding)

Continued in next post. <- Anything I'm currently playing

User Info: Skeletal_King

3 years ago#52
Questing and story
Morrowind > Skyrim > Oblivion

Morrowind's story was more interesting, better laid out, and complex.
Oblivion's was boring as hell.
Skyrim was simple, and a bit cliche.

Morrowind's guilds and stuff were superior to Skyrim's and Oblivions.
In Morrowind, you had to ACTUALLY raise your skills up to become a guild master of a guild or advance in rank. Skyrim/Oblivion, it's just complete this quest, now complete this other quest. Hey! You're now the Guild Master of the Mages Guild... Despite having never touched Magic!

The Darkbrotherhood was the best damn quest line in Oblivion, though. Much better than Morrowind's Morag Tong.
Morrowind's Morag Tong was terrible because of how glitchy and random Morrowind can be.

Go find guy
Attack and kill guy
Option A) The entire zone will forever be aggro to you no matter what you do
Option B) The guards will aggro you instantly and not talk to you.
Option C) The guards talk to you, accept your writ but the zone stays aggro
Option D) The guards refuse to talk to you, the entire zone stays aggro.

Certain mechanics
No comment

Skyrim did somethings better, Oblivion did somethings better and Morrowind did somethings better.

Compass: Good thing.
Oblivion added the compass, this is a GOD SEND because now you don't have to follow a bunch of vague instructions, only to wander the wilderness for 20 hours until you get angry and check a walkthrough.

Menu system and placing items:
Placing items was better in Morrowind, sucked in Oblivion and was passable in Skyrim.
Skyrim and Oblivion had better inventory management.

tl;dr no game is better than the others. <- Anything I'm currently playing

User Info: JessofBlades

3 years ago#53
I liked wandering the wilderness

having a vivid flashback of trying to find the eye of the needle before finally just realizing it's as the crow flies directions for everything v_v. Having the compass kind of kills exploration; I found tons of awesome stuff while I was lost - or at least it kills the excitement of finding something, for me.

Athletics and Acrobatics are awesome skills, but then they were enhanced dramatically by combining them with the (still the best) magic system. ;_; Even beyond cheesing in new games, jumping out of places saved me at least once when I got stuck in a cave on one of the Temple missions, no more picks, no Ekash's Lock Splitters or Almsivi/Divine Intervention or mark/recall (really bad first game mistake not learning these tbqh). Ended up jumping up a craggy wall to the exit. ... also miss levitation ;_;

User Info: dingdongding

3 years ago#54
I loved Morrowind design of the buildings , they were so different then what we got in Oblivion in Skyrim .Also because I had to play it numerous times to join all the guilds/factions . Now I can join all factions even if I don't have the proper skills .

User Info: greywolf00

3 years ago#55
As an all around polished product I'd say Skyrim, though the magic system in Morrowwind was easily the best out of those 3 (never played Arena or Daggerfall).

User Info: jedinat

3 years ago#56
dingdongding posted...
I loved Morrowind design of the buildings , they were so different then what we got in Oblivion in Skyrim .Also because I had to play it numerous times to join all the guilds/factions . Now I can join all factions even if I don't have the proper skills .

Morrowind also played a bit more like your classic RPG, where you could try to cheese your way through encounters by save/loading over and over while trying to throw together different combinations of skills and inventory items to squeeze through an encounter... most of that was lost in Oblivions/Skyrim's more action oriented--less inventory focused--gameplay.

User Info: Biochemic

3 years ago#57
Skyrim is the best by far. There, I said it. Now everybody who wants to ignore me, please do so, so that we never come into contact ever again. I wouldn't want to catch hipsteritis from you.
I don't need a signature.

User Info: MasterTurtle

3 years ago#58
Skyrim is improved over Oblivion in a lot of areas (most notably, much better character creation and leveling). Morrowind's setting (which is huge in a game like this) seemed neat but the game was a chore to play so I only ended up putting 10 hours or so into it.

So Skyrim.
Can I interest you in a...side mission?

User Info: yokitaqueen0220

3 years ago#59
Morrowind is a game I want to love more than I do but call me a noob all you I just do not like the gameplay. That said as much fun Oblivion was, it is the blandest of the three. So Skyrim wins for me.

User Info: YOeastonYO

3 years ago#60
For its time morrowind is an incredibly impressive game. I started playing it right before oblivion was released so I wasn't able to enjoy the modded game to full effect as it got pushed off to the side and eventually forgotten about.

I did spend spend days upon days playing oblivion both vanilla and modded. It was just a fun game for me. The shivering isles was also a very cool dlc. Skyrim for me was good for one play through...and that's about it.

Vote goes to oblivion, but maybe I'll give morrowind another go.
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