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I need a gaming youtuber that is so funny, I will laugh my butt off

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User Info: grizzly_hamster

3 years ago#211
The Crate and Crowbar Dark Souls playthrough:
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User Info: grizzly_hamster

3 years ago#212
Oh, and TotalBiscuit.
Nobody loves the fungus!!!

User Info: AJKirchner88

3 years ago#213
Cryaotic - A lot of his LPs made me laugh out loud. His VtM:B play through is hilarious.

User Info: Brewster123

3 years ago#214
MineplexOfficial, he only does Minecraft but he is hilarious
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User Info: mordekai40

3 years ago#215
Here is one, actually this guy has a few. Not sure about a gamer, but.....
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User Info: samuraigaiden

3 years ago#216
Kakeyo Silverton is funny and very genuine

The older Let's Plays with commentary she did were especially hilarious.

This is one of the funniest IMO

User Info: mewmew42

3 years ago#217
Clueless gamer

Not sure if this count as his show can be seen on YouTube

User Info: soccerj75

3 years ago#218
ELPRESADOR, Hands down. His Call of Duty rage videos are classic! Here's one of his funnier ones:
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User Info: Jules Rules

Jules Rules
3 years ago#219
AshleyGreene74 posted...
NovaWingz posted...

What does Theradbrad play now days? I loved him back when he was just starting out with his Condemned series. then he did Silent Hill and Cry of Fear and stuff. He was great back then when he did horror games and indie games. Then he started doing pretty much nothing but mainstream games that everybody and their brother were making playthroughs of like Saints Row 3, GTA 5 etc. That's about when I unsubbed from him because he turned into every other semi popular walkthrougher.

From the looks of it, every new game of note that releases. I think most of his subscribers just want to see full playthroughs of games at good quality ASAP, when a new release comes out he's got videos out pretty quick.

Not for me anymore, but you can't deny it worked out for him.. 3 million subs, whoa.
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User Info: IronticsDragonL

3 years ago#220
Vinesauce or bust.
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  3. I need a gaming youtuber that is so funny, I will laugh my butt off

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