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I need a gaming youtuber that is so funny, I will laugh my butt off

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  3. I need a gaming youtuber that is so funny, I will laugh my butt off

User Info: CthulhuMessiah

3 years ago#31
KillerzOverHere posted...
Can someone link dsp's channel? My iPad is being stupid

User Info: harcoreblazer

3 years ago#32
-SomeOrdinaryGamers (They make creepypasta videos while also playing games).
PSN/Steam = retrohunter95.

User Info: ywcnoob

3 years ago#33
xcaliz0rz's dead island and saints row 3 playthroughs.

User Info: Zephyrnos

3 years ago#34
VanossGaming, GameGrumps.

User Info: Interfusor

3 years ago#35
No one is good. Love that guy even if he makes no vids.
I am not economically viable.

User Info: Zephyrnos

3 years ago#36
StoneMountain64 is perfect if you're looking for a unpopular funny gaming youtuber

User Info: SkinnEr2324

3 years ago#37
TitanStrike posted...
PSN: spihoski

User Info: Hi C

Hi C
3 years ago#38
The youtube gaming scene needs a massive f***ing enema. Just 3-4 years ago the top subscribed gaming channel was Chuggaconroy at 400k subs and he is about as text book mediocre as you can get for a LP'er. Average voice, says nothing funny, tries too hard, bad playlist of low hanging fruit etc.

Now there are all these bandwagon "I want youtube money" idiots who came out of nowhere who blew right past Chuggaconroy and now have between 1 and 7 million subs pandering to children and idiots, spamming forums to get attention etc.

Pewdiepie, Cox, Yogscast, Nerd3, 2bestfriends, DSP, Mediacows, Grumps, Ghostrobo, and on and on. If their ad revenue was banned tomorrow not a single one of them would post even 1 more video.

User Info: uhohjonah

3 years ago#39
Game Grumps, Two Best Friends
Do you even GameFAQs?
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  3. I need a gaming youtuber that is so funny, I will laugh my butt off

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