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Either of the Next Gen Consoles Worth It?

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User Info: Avous_Yelmurc

3 years ago#61
Do i really have to state the obvious, if all you care about is graphics then stick to the PC. No console will be able to perform as well as the potential the PC has to perform it.

You aren't getting a console for the Graphics, FPS, or Resolution. you're getting them for the exclusive titles.

I enjoy the Wii U and the PC most as the Wii U has the most exclusive titles that I enjoy playing with my family and significant other.

Any desire I have to play the generic brown "HARDCORE" "MATURE"! "MODERN WARFARE" shooters I can get my fill off of on steam for 20 dollars less and without buying a console.

Choose the system with the titles that appeal to you most it's as simple as that, if none interest you, don't get a console.

It's intelligible slights against the Wii U for being childish and gimmicky that irk me.

If you dislike the generic FPS and racing games then you should embrace innovation not turn away from it.

Any console with exclusives is a serious contender but any argument against the Wii U can be recited for any current gen console.

It's outdated compared to modern graphics cards for the PC, there are little to no worth while exclusives, the Facebook posting, allowing other people to play for you, video recording, kinect, controller is such a gimmick.

Do you people even listen to your dribble it's hypocrisy at its best.

30 FPS, 60 FPS, 720P, 1080P. It's all dribble. I'm running a game at 110 FPS at 1440p right now.

To tell you the truth though even games at 30 FPS and 720p are perfectly acceptable and playable.

I suppose there are those who NEED to argue over something to keep their mind off of the utter disappointment their lives are shaping out to be.

User Info: KillerKidner

3 years ago#62
Yep. The WiiU is totally worth it
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User Info: fire2box

3 years ago#63
jedinat posted...
You're acting like there's just two.

You're acting like there's more then one.

Wii U.
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User Info: MasterTurtle

3 years ago#64
the correct response is wait another year, neither the ps4 nor the xbone have anything worth $400 atm

Bloodborne looks like it could end up awesome though
Can I interest you in a...side mission?

User Info: Interfusor

3 years ago#65
Wii U for me. But Christ Nintendo! Heard of anti-aliasing?
I am not economically viable.

User Info: SuperSuikoden

3 years ago#66
Not yet.
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User Info: ssringo

3 years ago#67
Raikouen posted...
ssringo posted...
Raikouen posted...
it takes a lot more effort to pull off some things a controller can do with a twist of the thumbstick).

Such as?

Such as pretty much everything that doesn't require your entire body to turn with it or to move on a 2-D plane?

Unless you'd like to argue that repeated, precise clicks on the keyboard is somehow easier than moving your thumb?

I'd argue that nothing a controller user can do is "a lot harder" (your poor choice of words) for a kb/m user; well in an fps as that's what was being discussed. I mean, unless you're using a $20 Walmart kb/m that can't even read rapid/precise input. Or by "a lot harder" do you mean in comparison to how much harder it is for a controller to do a precision headshot. Which is to say, not really.
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Pirates = Master Race" -Piggins12

User Info: YOeastonYO

3 years ago#68
Lol Nintendo
Anime sucks
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User Info: Nemerlight

3 years ago#70
Wii U

I guess if you really like Nintendo games but system has very little 3rd party support and future looks even worse.
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