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Need recommendations for a new Mobo/Processor

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User Info: MindwalkerX

2 years ago#21
KURRUPTOR posted...
Also you might want to look at some benchmarks. A lot of people here are "enthusiasts" that want the absolute best performance they can get. Really if you are just a casual PC gamer and don't mind really high end games slowing down a bit fx-6300 or the G3258 are really some superb options to consider. Their price to performance ratios are just nuts. Look into it a bit, for many people those cheaper CPU's are quite acceptable considering their price tags. They also both allow you upgrade to an "enthusiast" CPU (without having to change mobo or anything) if you ever have extra money burning a hole in your pocket.

Looking into right now, unfortunately i can't find the G3258 anywhere close to where i live(im not from NA btw), but i can find the G3430, are they on the same level? their price is really generous(so is the 6300), but they are dual core, won't that gimp me on most modern games? i often see specs asking for quad cores and whatnot.

Just saw some benchmarks and they seem to be similar but the G3258 is cheaper, which unfortunatly is not available to me.
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2 years ago#22
Well there are some games (and they are becoming more frequent) that use more cores. It depends on what you play really. I don't have any real world experience with the G3258 or 3430 at all so I can't comment on that much. My former room mate had a 6300 though (not oc'd) and it never seemed to slow him down when I watched him playing modern games, though admittedly I never saw him playing ARMA or anything crazy CPU intensive. He did play a lot of civ5 though and that game ran perfectly smooth for him.

Personally I would recommend the 6300 if you are looking for a good budget option it has 6 cores (like you were saying I would also be a bit leery about a dual core CPU) so you don't have to fret over those games that actually want to use more cores and it's just at such a sweet spot for it's pricing. You can get 6300 and a mobo for less than 200 dollars and be up and running games no problem. I know there are several 6300 owners on this board that will vouch for it if they happen across this thread. It won't hold you locked at 60fps in some of the games that really stress your CPU (and honestly there aren't that many of these games out there), but on the flip side I've never seen or heard of a real world gaming situation where it will slow you down to points where you can't play/enjoy your games perfectly fine.
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User Info: Vindication123

2 years ago#23
You want a 4-core for modern PC gaming. In 5-10 years, probably a 6 or 8 core.
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User Info: SonyHoundDawg

2 years ago#24
TC, I think for a quick budget upgrade a fx 6300 or 8300 would be good. If your planning on building a great rig in 2016, there will be even newer and better CPU's out then the 4670K so I would just wait.
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