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What kind of desk, chair, speakers and monitor you guys use?

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  3. What kind of desk, chair, speakers and monitor you guys use?

User Info: Oakland510_

3 years ago#1
I need a new desk cause my current one sucks ass plus it's super duper small. Need a new chair cause I had it for over 10 years and my ass hurts everytime I spend 8-20 hours everyday sitting in front of my computer cause the cushion is all flat after sitting on it through the years. Thinking about getting a recliner, what you dudes think? Right now I am using beast headphones but I'd like to change things up a bit and use speakers. Also got a 1080p monitor and I'd like to upgrade it. My budget for desk is $200, chair $200, speakers $500 and $500 for monitor. If it cost less it's ok but if it's more than it gotta be worth it to go over my budget.

User Info: almightydun

3 years ago#2
That is one massive budget.

Get 3 24" monitors set up on a gaming bracket(try to get ones with as thin a bezel as possible)
Hit up Costco and buy a computer chair. By FAR best price for quality I know of
I would get a pair of monitor speakers could get something pretty stellar for ~200 (mine were 180 a few years back and kic ass stil) and get a goo headset.
As for a desk? Way too many variables to suggest but if you plan on using it for long period I would get something with adjustable height and a dedicated tray for m&kb.
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User Info: iPr0kkaFTW

3 years ago#3
I'm using an executive leather office chair that my boss tossed away. My computer desk is some sort of entertainment center that was converted into a computer desk. Hard to describe but I have plenty of shelves and space. Speakers I'm using Yamaha 5.1 surround sound system. Lastly the monitor is a 24" 1080p Samsung.

User Info: ein311

3 years ago#4
Desk: Ikea Fredde ($200)
Chair: Staples mesh back chair w/adjustable arm rests ($100)
Speakers: Pioneer receiver w/front Pinnacle bookshelf speakers, Venturi center speaker, Dayton audio rear speakers (5.1) (~$500)
Monitor: Dell U2711 & Monoprice 27" Korean panel (Dell: ~$750, Monoprice: $300)

I love the Fredde desk. Ample space, lots of shelves, dedicated speaker stands, and just the right size.
The chair is ok. If this one ever gets too uncomfortable I'm going to snag a Herman Miller and just be done with it, but this desk has done well for going on 2 years.
I like my speaker setup. I have some Sennheiser headphones if I need to use those, but I'm usually on the surround sound. The receiver was pretty cheap and I got the rears and centers off Amazon for ~$100 total, with $200 for the Pinnacles. Can't complain.
I can't stress enough how great of a deal Monoprice's 27" Korean IPS panels are. I'm using it as a primary over my Dell U2711 that cost twice as much.
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User Info: ghstbstr

3 years ago#5
Oakland510_ posted...
What kind of desk, chair, speakers and monitor you guys use?

Desk... cheap $40 Walmart tv stand.
Chair... my nice and comfy $100 pillow top twin bed.
Speakers... Pioneer surround sound speakers attached to a Sony HD 5.1 a/v receiver.
Monitor... Vizio E500i-A1 50in 1080p 120hz led smart hdtv.
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User Info: dragon504

3 years ago#6
desk - small wooden desk from around the 50s, not a good computer desk, but it's built well at least
speakers - cheap 2.1 setup I got a long time ago, surprised they still work tbh
monitor - 22" gateway at 1680x1050
chair - cheap armless computer chair that only adjusts up and down

... I really need some new stuff.

User Info: Conker

3 years ago#7
This was before I moved to Hawaii last year, but I had:

-$250 L-shaped wood desk
-$220 leather executive massage chair
-$450 Overclockable Catleap (2560x1440, runs up to 125hz, though I keep it at 100)
-Bose Companion 3 series I got as a gift + $20 mic + $100 headset (G930, I tried 5-10 different sets that ranged from $50-250, and finally settled on the 930's for overall features/convenience I preferred)

When I moved I got rid of my desk and chair, have downsized to a kitchen chair and basically using a round glass table as my desk :*(
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User Info: g_lethal

3 years ago#8
desk: mitsubishi tv stand
chair: double recliner couch
speakers: onkyo 660w 5.1 surround
monitor: 65" 1080p dlp tv

im a former console gamer, i'd feel cramped at a desk
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User Info: johnny_pay

3 years ago#9
desk: an ikea table, its 2 meters long. its pretty useful as it has room for my tower, monitor, house phone. my consoles and a stack of games and molag bal statue.
chair: some office chair i took from my sister as payment for storing some stuff in my room.
Speakers: a cheap pair of xenta speakers, they are really crappy but provide sound and its all i need.
Monitor: a benq g2420hd 24"

User Info: myztikrice

3 years ago#10
Oakland510_ posted...
I spend 8-20 hours everyday sitting

the f***?
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