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I do not understand how Steam is cheaper than buying physical on consoles.

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  3. I do not understand how Steam is cheaper than buying physical on consoles.

User Info: Monkeymage

3 years ago#11
Retail stores have already paid for the game to get it out on the shelf. They're going to keep it at a higher price for longer, trying to either make a profit or recoup the loss if it's been sitting for a long time. In your case, I'm not sure exactly how well Greece's economy is doing, so the retail price drops you describe might be occurring because few people can spare 60 Euros in the current economic climate. Any sales or price drops offered (beyond the "official" publisher-mandated drops) are strictly on the part of the retail store.
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User Info: Snake99001

3 years ago#12
Thank you for the replies everyone, I'm glad this didn't conjure up any backlash. I had no idea that games can stay at $60 for a full year in retail so I see where you're coming from.
Also, I have to confess that I don't check steam out nearly as much as other people so I guess I must be missing out on some good deals.
The thing is that I always have something to play (I mainly play RPGs and I'm an obsessive completionist) and I never look for new games to buy if I don't complete the one I'm currently playing because I find it to be an unhealthy habbit. I guess I can understand the appeal of sales though.

User Info: vashtricham

3 years ago#13
Steam isnt always cheaper then physical i find great deals all the time that beat the current steam sales. If you wait eventually there will be a sale for physical and steam so you will always find a low price it just depends on how long until you get that price. And if you include used games then i find cheaper games year around especially used games on gamefly and amazon.
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User Info: GunsSlashRoses

3 years ago#14
A. You live in Greece? Isn't your economy pretty crap at the moment? That could be one reason.
2. It's cheaper because there is less to spend. For example cases, manuals and discs.
D. Certain games will maintain their price if it 1. Cod or halo or 2. A company has a monopoly on a genre (here's looking at you Sims...)
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User Info: petran78

3 years ago#15
in greece you can also order games online from greek vendors.
A friend got the last of us for 35 euro.
Ps3 games here are at least 10 euro cheaper than xbox360 games, even the same title

Shops are adjusting or else no one would buy
Pc game stores are pretty much dead over here
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User Info: foodeater4

3 years ago#16
Depending on the game in the US, very popular games can stay at the full retail of $59.99 for a year or more. There will be an occasional $40 sale. That means at gamestop the used price is generally $50-$55 too.

Also, it seems in the US, at major retailers, a new game will never drop below $20 dollars. If I go to a walmart or something right now and want to buy Gears or Wars 2 or like Red Dead Redemption, not even the GOTY, its $20. And theres are old games that have been out a long time.

You can get used games for cheaper then $20 but it takes a long while for games to get that low, or there has to be a ton of them where gamestop needs to get rid of them.

Places like Steam and other online retailers I can regulary get games for cheap. For example, even Tomb Raider 2013 still costs $20 used on old consoles like 360, even more on the new console. But I have seen it on sale on PC for at least $4.99 at least 6 times or so this year beween steam and all the other digital sites out there, green man, uplay etc. I was just able to get Borderlands 2 game of the year edition for about $11.00 on gamefly for a steam key. Last I noticed that's like a $40 dollar title on console.

I'm also on a good amount. Everytime I want to buy a game its my first stop to see if its on sale anywhere.

User Info: wildog2006

3 years ago#17
It's probably because your country is bankrupt.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

3 years ago#18
It's how PC gaming generally works. If you are happy to wait a little while you'll get those same games cheaper.

Just be happy about it like the rest of us cash sensible humans.
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  3. I do not understand how Steam is cheaper than buying physical on consoles.

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