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Building first gaming pc, help?

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User Info: cuteboi100

3 years ago#11
_GRIM_FANDANGO_ posted...
4GB is really tight,

I would agree if you have a few programs open in the background. But the point is to cut back on the background programs, get into the GPU sweet-spot so you can actually play games at good settings. And RAM is something that is easily upgradeable unlike GPUs.
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User Info: Fade2black001

3 years ago#12
datopgamer posted...
Fade2black001 posted...
datopgamer posted...
Parts are compatible but you can cut back the cost some by getting a cheaper psu and memory. Here's a better build for you to consider.

Nice build BUT... Whats the purpose of getting an aftermarket cooler when the the CPU can't be OC'd? Also that RAM is still Overpriced. You can get 8GB of 1600 for less than 70 bucks.

Cooler is always better. Kinda like in your build you have a z97 board with a CPU that can't be overclocked and a CPU cooler.

oops.. I had the CPU at a 4690K and then I changed it to make it cheaper. Forgot to change the board and take off the cooler.
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User Info: MrLost

3 years ago#13

Here you are. Way better build. Didn't pick a mouse, keyboard, or HDMI cables, but it's set $160 cheaper than the one you posted TC, so there's LOTS of room for those, plus other tweaks. Maybe a cheap 120/128 GB SSD, a better chassis, faster CPU, better GPU, Blu-Ray drive, wireless network card... plenty of options available with the difference in price, and that's assuming your budget tops out at $950.
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