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You can choose 1 character to be your life sidekick

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User Info: firebrand898

3 years ago#41
Iron Tarkus

User Info: redrum187

3 years ago#42
Claptrap from borderlands.
trust no one

User Info: arleas

3 years ago#43
load posted...
The arbiter. Or the ooga booga mask from crash bandicoot

Yeah that would be fun....
*Picks up apple* "BOO-DA-BA-GAH!!!"
Then I run amok all through the grocery store knockin' s*** over and jumping like a freak and nobody can touch me or they go flying...

User Info: CaptainKatsura

3 years ago#44
Lilly from Katawa Shoujo since she is best waifu~
Herp-a derp

User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#45
Snake Plissken
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User Info: Snadados

3 years ago#46
Have you accepted Raspberyl as your loli and savior?

User Info: Interfusor

3 years ago#47
Goris from Fallout 2 But only if he puts on and removes his robe faster.
I am not economically viable.

User Info: Blutonic

3 years ago#48
Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.
"I'm glad I'm not friends with any of you in real life." -All Star : GameFAQs in a nutshell

User Info: Freelance

3 years ago#49
Tails from Sonic. Because we are both engineers.
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User Info: rdking96

3 years ago#50
This is really random, but the Tiger creature from Black & White 1.

That guy was a total bad ass that can protect me when needed by either casting miracles or just straight-up kicking ass.

It's a damn shame Lionhead Studios has been so sub-par since (excluding Fable 1).
"There won't be any money...but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness...So I got that goin' for me - which is nice."
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