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Why do people think Valve isn't greedy?

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User Info: Giblet_Enjoyer

3 years ago#71
Valve has been generous enough to give me several hundred dollars via the marketplace with which to buy more games from them, so I think they're nice tbh
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User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#72
- Valve doesn't crap out annual releases to appease impatient gamers
- Anything Valve releases has to meet a certain standard of quality
- Valve doesn't set those insanely high knife prices, it's up to the community to irresponsibly spend their money
- Valve has created an insanely huge and impactful DRM with Steam, and they're the main authority in PC gaming now
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User Info: Nousername96

3 years ago#73
To be honest, Valve has earned me over the money I spent on CS:GO and the DLC. I like that it allows people to sell things for money and for those who are inclined to buy those things. The best part is that these things are purely cosmetic. It works because those who want to look better can, and those who can't afford it aren't punished.

User Info: dennis941012

3 years ago#74
ORANGE666 posted...
Every company exists to make a profit. The reason why they're able to sell pc games at a big discount is because publishers lower their cut and then pay Valve to put their sales on the front page. It's not like they're doing it because they're nice.

I've been playing CounterStrike GO for a year and it has greed written all over it. Knife drops are rare, I've never gotten one. I check the marketplace, $50 for the cheapest one, $400 for the most rare. Valve gets a cut of each sale.

I buy a $6 operation breakout DLC thinking I will get missions as an incentive to play and get rewards. I payed $6 to get maybe 1 mission every 5 hours, and then another hour to finish the mission, to get a common item. You would think I would be getting missions constantly for $6 even just for common items. When the only progress you get in the game is cosmetic, the drop rate should be much higher for regular items.

That's only 1 example. I facepalm every time I read that Valve is better than Sony or some other company What has Valve done to earn that? They saved PC gaming? It's the publisher's dropping profit margins. Valve hasn't done anything to deserve the praise they get, at the end of the day, steam sales earn them the most money, which is why they do it. Not because they want to give you cheap games

since when did skin determine the damned game?
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User Info: alhvatr

3 years ago#75
arleas posted...
Watching two people argue over whether a company is greedy or not:

The last frame of that .gif needs a "That's my fetish", or maybe I spend too much time on Imgur.

User Info: HighOnPhazon

3 years ago#76
I don't know what kind of reaction the TC expected to get from this topic, other than laughs.
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