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Building a PC pt. 2

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User Info: paracosmxx

3 years ago#1
Hey, guys. I posted earlier in this forum regarding me finally caving in and building a PC. Some guys here in the forums helped me out on my previous list and now I ended up with this:

Mind you, the plans for the PC are mainly gaming. However, I do plan to use the PC for college stuff, given that I'm going I'm into Computer Engineering. I own a Macbook Pro and I love it because of it's ease of use and interface, but you just need a kick-ass PC, right?

The reason behind this post is if I could gather a bit more of feedback before I start saving money to buy the parts. I'd be really helpful and I would greatly appreciate it.
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User Info: Superemppu

3 years ago#2
The list is pointless unless you're going to buy it now. Assemble a parts list when you can actually buy them. Or buy stuff from sales along the way.
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