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PC Gamer's best RPGs of all time

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User Info: Is_Corrupted

3 years ago#31
What a bunch of crap.
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User Info: kiah

3 years ago#32
The major disappointment I have (and I'm aware it's highly colored by my nostalgia goggles) is the lack of any Might and Magic games. Those were the games that got me into gaming--PC or otherwise.
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User Info: NateRose89

3 years ago#33
Diablo 3 over VM: Bloodlines... go home DCgamer, you're prunk.
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User Info: mkvardas

3 years ago#34
Wow, I'm actually glad they put some really good RPGs up there recognizing the greatness of some older RPGs like VtM:B and planescape torment...

I think this list should be taken as a sum of awesome RPGs, not in an ascending order of greatness but as a whole package of the top RPGs, even though there are some immense gripes like diablo 3 being there over diablo 2.

But, overall, not taking into consideration the ascending order of the list, this is one of the finest ones out there IMO.

User Info: yars

3 years ago#35
since they're comparing what's more fun to play today, i'd agree that d3 is a better game than d2. it's just not as fun as d2 was to play when d2 first game out.
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User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#36
Where is Ning to chime in on this?

And I'd say this list is godawful. Skyrim is in my opinion nowhere near as good as Morrowind, Dark Souls is fun but not at all worthy of such a high spot (and definitely not better than Deus Ex in terms of RPG elements), South Park doesn't even belong in conversation to be on this list, and Mount & Blade: Warband is ranked way too low.
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User Info: ChromaticAngel

3 years ago#37
this is basically an ATTN: Ningishzida topic.
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User Info: FelixTrapper

3 years ago#38
Exile / Avernum please

User Info: Bane766

3 years ago#39
This list is terrible. One of the worst I've seen. No Morrowind? South Park, Diablo, and Dark Souls are on it? etc.

Awful list.
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User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#40
pwnater777 posted...
Where is Ning to chime in on this?

And I'd say this list is godawful. Skyrim is in my opinion nowhere near as good as Morrowind

That's not an opinion
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