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PC Gamer's best RPGs of all time

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User Info: alucard1092

3 years ago#41
Planescape or any of the Fallout series.
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User Info: Shing_gor

3 years ago#42
Gynthaeres posted...
-Dragon Age Origins is waaaaay too high up IMO.
-I don't know if rogue-likes like Dungeons of Dredmor count as RPGs.
-I don't think something like Dark Souls is an RPG at all, and if it does... well, should be on the list, but it's a bit too high for me. Similarly, I wouldn't call Diablo an RPG either.
-Curiously missing out on Arcanum and Neverwinter Nights 2.
-Divinity: Original Sin is too low on the list.
-Can't comment on South Park too much, since I haven't played it, but from what I've heard it's nowhere near "top 25 RPGs EVER".

On the plus side,
+The Top 3 are where they should be. I'm a little surprised Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect 3, or Skyrim aren't up that high. I actually can't complain about the top 3, for once in a PC Gamer list.
+Mass Effect 2, I agree, is the best in the series (and yes, I do think it's an RPG over Dark Souls or whatever else: Being able to play a specific type of character, personality-wise > stats/loot, for RPG-ness IMO).
+A decent mixture of Old and New. Maybe some minor quibbles here and there (Legend of Grimrock, better than Wizardry 8? Maybe, maybe not), but overall little I'd seriously argue over.

For the most part, not an awful list. I disagree with some of it, I agree with some of it. I'm a little surprised that it's seemingly objective, as opposed to the usual sellout-ness / Modern Gamer-itis that perpetrates many of PC Gamer's articles and lists.

-DA:O may be high, but Mass effect 2 is equally overrated IMO. MAss Effect 2 at best is bioware's 4th best game (BG2, KOTOR, NWN all belong above it, Personally I prefer DA:O over ME2
-Arcanum and NWN should easily be top 10.
-Divinity is my favorite game this year, butI have a hard to placing it in the top 10, maybe around where DA:O is at best.
-South Park is a novelty RPG, and it is well done. However, unlike most RPGs, that is one where a 2nd playthru is hardly warranted.
-KOTOR2 on this list automatically invalidates the list. the fact that KOTOR is not on it even future enforces this
-Skyrim belongs there? I can accept, but Morrowind certain belongs as well. In fact, Skryim is easily the 3rd best ES game behind Morrowind and Daggerfall.

Digital Storm posted...
PC Gamer is still around?

The live off making clickbait articles like this one.

User Info: Le0nMagnis

3 years ago#43
If it's all time, their list is very wrong. I can agree with Mass Effect 2 though. But man, Diablo 3 and not Diablo 1?? Look at the moment they were made. Diablo 1 created a new style of games. Diablo 3 may be good, but is just another one.

User Info: TheZeldaFan

3 years ago#44
Baldur's Gate II is #2 but the first game is nowhere on this list, or the first Diablo for that matter. And how is Mass Effect 2 ranked as high as it is?
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User Info: Revenanced

3 years ago#45
Dark Souls doesnt really qualify as an RPG. It's an ARPG that bends the rules. Furthermore, the game was horrible. My friends and I all tried it at the time because we wanted to be sooooo hardcore. WE ARE THE BEST RPG PLAYERS HERP DERP. No really, go back and read that herp derp part. Dark Souls isn't a fun game. It's an overtuned game designed to make your death seem like the game is hard. Out of all 6 of my friends (including me) who played DS not one of us went to play DS2 or has gone back to the first for seconds.

Calling Dark Souls an RPG is like calling Bordlerands 2 an RPG.
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User Info: finaleve

3 years ago#46
Diablo 3 shoudln't be on the list because it's nowhere near as popular as Diablo 2 was.

Then there's Mass Effect 2. No. Gameplay-wise it was good but ME3 ended up doing it better and being actually fun to do stuff in. A majority of ME2 was me shooting things. ME3 actually had me trying new things with the abilities and the multiplayer is still pretty good, which scares me still.

Dark Souls... I'll let it go. I enjoyed that game a lot. It might not deserve a top spot gien that the game really shined on consoles but then the game was just hard to let go.

South Park... maybe. The story probably made it more fun than anything.

Divinity: Original Sin just came out so idk how this made a best RPGs of all time list.

Skyrim... again, maybe. Without mods, that game gets old fast. Sure, you can spend 100s of hours doing stuff but it doesn't feel as fun without having Zoidberg's voice chasing you around.

User Info: vega2505

3 years ago#47
I like how most of the list is modern games...they even put a game on there that just came out...then they put Baldur's Gate II and Planescape Torment at 2 and 1 like, "Hey guys, here are those two games you always say are good at the top two spots, do we get street cred?"

That list doesn't feel like it was made by someone who would even play anything older than 2003, let alone rate two games from the 90's at the top.

Also, Diablo 3 over Diablo 2...just no...the console version of Diablo 3 is great, but the PC version *mouth fart noises*

Also, why Skyrim and not Morrowind? If they're weeding out games based on nostalgia, then Baldur's and Planescape shouldn't be there either.

Where's Neverwinter Nights? Why the unfinished KOTOR II over the superior original? Where's Sacred?

Does Spellforce count as an RPG? It should be on there.
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User Info: MaxCHEATER64

3 years ago#48
Why is Skryim #6 but Oblivion isn't even on the list?
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User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#49
MaxCHEATER64 posted...
Why is Skryim #6 but Oblivion isn't even on the list?

Because it's a bad list, running largely off of recent game hype. Skyrim's position isn't justified, and the jury is still out on whether or not Dark Souls is even a true RPG.
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User Info: SneakiestNeg

3 years ago#50
I like rpgs for the story and characters. Which makes Diablo 2 a thousand times better than D3. And how many of you played Arx Fatalis? I did and it was fun but not top 25.
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