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PC Gamer's best RPGs of all time

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User Info: Weejiez

3 years ago#71
ryouma17 posted...
almost all the games they listed sucks, greatest rpg in my mind both gameplay and story is valkyria chronicles

Couldn't agree more. +1 for you and /topic
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User Info: TheCommunator

3 years ago#72

User Info: Esky8

3 years ago#73
Planescape, BG2, Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Fallout, ME2 and Dark Souls all within the top 10? Brilliant list.

And Valkyria Chronicles the greatest RPG? Ha. Generic hero, bouncy inevitable love interest, overt racism subplot written with no grace or subtlety, a dull villain and broken, slow and ultimately ponderous gameplay. A huge disappointment and not worth discussing in context of the better games above or the myriad better JRPGs.

Oh, and a 'comic relief' character whose catchphrase - in the middle of a warzone - is 'veg-e-tables!'. Because he wants to be a farmer, or something. Awful.

User Info: singhellotaku

3 years ago#74
wow, thats one of the worst gd lists i've ever seen...there are no words.
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User Info: Marikhen

3 years ago#75
Loshadt posted...
It's not a personal problem, it's a game design problem. In Morrowind you leveled up based entirely on the skills you chose, so while the rest of the skills you didn't select provided benefits they were mostly localized to those specific skills and their relevant attributes. Skyrim forces you to utilize skills largely irrelevant to your goal build so you can gain more levels to invest perk points into the skills you actually intended to use. This means that no matter which character you intended to play as, you eventually you HAVE to play as every character if you want to continue advancing.

Yeah, actually, it is a personal problem. If you feel the need to train skills you don't intend to use in Skyrim in order to get perk points for ones you do use, rather than getting the ones you do use to level 100 and resetting them, then you probably also min/maxed in Morrowind as well by making your primary/secondary skills ones you'd be least likely to accidentally rank up while trying to get 3 +5 attribute bonuses per level up.

Both cases result in equal degrees of character homogeneity, and both cases are the result of personal choice in a game that doesn't punish you for min/maxing. Hell, under Skyrim's current version you could just keep resetting one or two skills, using almost nothing but those skills, and eventually get a level 100 character if you were so inclined. Contrast that with Morrowind where if you wanted to hit the "max" level you had to increase all of your skills to 100.

If you have no self-control in leveling your character that is your problem. If you can't stand the thought of your character not leveling in an "optimal" fashion or being anything less than perfect then, yet again, that is a personal problem.

Not every TES hero needs to be a god made flesh. :-/
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User Info: rainedown

3 years ago#76
Bleachfreak7 posted...
Dark Souls beat Skyrim? Heck yeah!

Agreed! Atmosphere and immersive combat trumps the size of the world for me every time.

I'm actually most shocked by Kotor 2 being on it over kotor 1. Maybe it's because I haven't played it since the mod fixed it, but that game wasn't even near finished when I played it--and after the first one being so great, it was a big letdown.

Also, divinity, no offense: I like it but come on, let a game be out for more than a couple months before calling it one of the best of all time.

User Info: SneakiestNeg

3 years ago#77
Diablo 3 was an insult to the franchise. Everything that was cool about the first two was gone. I have read final fantasy fanfic that was better than the awful plot in Diablo 3.

User Info: blax34dm

3 years ago#78
All these lists with Planetscape at the top always give me the urge to play it, but it just has not aged well at all. I'm no graphics whore and I love me some 90s era playstation visuals, but for whatever reason with PS:T I can barely see what is going on.

User Info: 13year_old_girl

3 years ago#79
blax34dm posted...
All these lists with Planetscape at the top always give me the urge to play it, but it just has not aged well at all. I'm no graphics whore and I love me some 90s era playstation visuals, but for whatever reason with PS:T I can barely see what is going on.

just watch a let's play of it and you pretty much get the full experience
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User Info: bluegender4ever

3 years ago#80
Dragon Age is too high. It's nothing special, it's just the only only alternative is the Mass Effect series.

Dark Souls is too high, especially with no mention of Demon's Souls as the reason its so good in the first place.

D3 is vastly inferior to D2 comparing them directly to each other, and either one pushes "RPG" to limit of the definition.

Stick of Truth is the game that South Park fans have been waiting for, so strongly tied to the lore of the series and sharing its sense of humor, but it's a fairly poor example of an RPG, and hardly deserves to be on a list with BG2 and Torment.

list seems so hit and miss, biggest offender is probably D3 being on there.
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