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How is red faction 1? Did it age well?

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User Info: Chewybacca34

2 years ago#21
Not really... I played it on ps2 and it was great. Me and my buddies just played rockets in mp lol. Single player is meh though. If you played it liked it then yeah its great but if not even half life still has a better campaign.
Welp, see ya later!

User Info: flamerthrowa

2 years ago#22
Fenriswolf posted...
flamerthrowa posted...
Multiplayer and bots = some of the most fun I've had in a game ever

PC version removed the bots unfortunately.

was about to buy the pc version as its on special, and now i wont be. ps2 emulator ftw i recommend this book to everyone on gfaqs. a fantastic novel by VideoboysaysCube
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  3. How is red faction 1? Did it age well?

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