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Would this punishment for death in an mmorpg be acceptable to you?

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  3. Would this punishment for death in an mmorpg be acceptable to you?

User Info: Binba442

3 years ago#21
It's a good idea, but why leave it down to luck? 10% - 15% is frustratingly low. Just make it 90%, so players would be less reckless
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User Info: Xero Kaiser

Xero Kaiser
3 years ago#22
I don't mind death penalties, but there's a point where the **** becomes excessive. I'm not trying to dedicate my entire life to one damn game and redo months/years of work for every mistake.

User Info: Tourtus

3 years ago#23
Minecraft does this but you lose all your EXP and equipment and items. It's one of the reasons why I don't play it.
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User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
3 years ago#24
Binba442 posted...
It's a good idea, but why leave it down to luck? 10% - 15% is frustratingly low. Just make it 90%, so players would be less reckless

No, then no one would play.

Darkfall did something like that. With open world PvP, a majority of the players would just sit in safe zones, never leaving them and creating a completely empty world.

You have to factor in the one thing that is constant in all MMOs: people are great big cowards. They won't do one on one combat in WoW, even when there's no penalty for dying, they always have to gang up on someone so they have a better chance at winning. Throw in a death penalty, and no one plays.
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User Info: Digital Storm

Digital Storm
3 years ago#25
What you're describing is a lot like the consequences in EVE Online. You'll lose your ship in PvP (if you lose of course) by getting blown up and that ship could cost anywhere from a couple hundred thousand ISK to upwards of 90-120 billion. On top of that, if your clone isn't up to date and you get popped in your pod, you run the risk of losing up to two months of skill training.

It's easy enough to avoid though. Never fly what you can't afford to lose and the first thing you do after getting pod popped is update your clone.

That being said, you'll still see reddit posts about people losing BS V (frequently pops up as a "Oh **** I lost what?) or some other long train cause they were flying drunk and got caught.
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User Info: Namord1

3 years ago#26
I voted not problem to perhaps teach people to stop talking about Dark Souls II. Now it would be better IMO to lose an exp lv and half the currency you carry. Sure dropping your equipment and inventory would be interesting, except that there are ppl who are mean and would camp, expecting an easy prey.

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User Info: Illuminoius

3 years ago#27
dropping stuff is stupid
just kick me out to the entrance of the dungeon or at the nearest town or something

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

3 years ago#28
hyjinx17 posted...
ThatPersonGuy posted...
Honestly, I think that harsher penalties can work for MMOs. It changes how people approach gameplay, where too careless of an approach could result in months if not years of items lost. Item storage centers become extremely important, as suddenly carrying that extremely high level enchanted sword of a thousand truths becomes a lot more risky. Being overequiped is just as bad as being underequiped, because at any time tragedy could strike and you could lose everything.

PVP changes as well. Suddenly being the big tough guy becomes a lot less attractive when it only takes one death and all those beautiful levels and items are scattered to the wind, and possibly to the very same people you terrorized.

There are not enough people who would be willing to play an MMO where they could lose items to keep one in business.

See, that's if it was targeted towards the typical MMO crowd.

But if it was aimed towards a different group of people, something like this could work better.
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User Info: xpiritflare

3 years ago#29
The ARPG (who play hardcore) and Roguelike crowd who are used to losing their entire character and not just gear?
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User Info: Love_Me_Sexy

3 years ago#30
reincarnator07 posted...
While that may seem harsh, the golden rule in game is don't fly what you can't afford to lose.

That's why I could never play that terrible game.

First, you can't catch up because it bases skill on days played rather than skill.

Second, you buy an awesome ship and can't use it cause if a group of a-holes come around and blow it up, it's gone.

That's ridiculous.
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