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Would this punishment for death in an mmorpg be acceptable to you?

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  3. Would this punishment for death in an mmorpg be acceptable to you?

User Info: LightnessZero

3 years ago#31
Tibia is pretty much that. You have 10% chance of losing each piece (not a single piece, meaning if you are REALLY unlucky you might lose everything) of equipment, 100% chance of losing your bag contents and also lose 10% of your TOTAL exp (which, at higher levels, means losing 3~5 levels at once). There are blessings and buffs that reduce the punishment, but they cost a hefty sum of gold.
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User Info: InfinityOver0

3 years ago#32
dropping all your gear? might as well be permadeath
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User Info: Hohei

3 years ago#33
SilentHawk29 posted...
An mmo I played actually did something like that. Basically when you died, everything that wasn't banked dropped in a pile and had a 2-5 minute timer for you to get your stuff back before it became fair game. To make it worse, any piece of rare or enchanted equipment would break on death (items that broke in this game was lost forever).

Now, here's the real kicker, a lot of rare equipment took literally over a year to acquire due to timers on quests, or rewards being too random on dungeons that were near impossible, even for the best players in the game.

Edit: but when they finally added an item shop (on a $10 a month game...), there were items for $1.50 that you could get that would prevent all gear from dropping/breaking on death, the item shop item breaking instead.

Ah, you played Nexus too then.

Terrible, terrible game. Corrupt as ****, player ran communities are the worst idea ever.
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User Info: Mario_VS_DK

3 years ago#34
Losing a percentage of your total EXP on death is just a stupid idea in general, especially something as sever as 10%. "Yes! I just reached max level after 2 months of leveling. Time to raid!" "Oh sorry guys, that's a wipe, lets come back in a week when we've all reached max level again to try again." It just doesn't work in any sort of mainstream MMORPGs we have.

In EVE: Online you lose all your items you have with you when you die, but the game is designed around that and it forces people to be extremely careful because of it. Not to mention that fact that any player can kill you in any area unless you're docked.

I think there was a pretty bad MMO called Conquer where you'd lose any items in your inventory and about 10% of your EXP to next level. But not the items you have equipped. That's about as close as you'd get to what you're saying that I can think of.
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User Info: Goldninja

3 years ago#35
This is why I can never play MMOs. Way too time consuming and if you screw up, you lose weeks of progress. Well that and coordinating with other people online just isn't my bag.
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User Info: chandl34

3 years ago#36
If MMOs still played like UO where you lose everything, I'd still play MMOs. Early EverQuest method was okay too, where you lose a little experience, but there's a risk of losing your corpse.
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User Info: SilentHawk29

3 years ago#37
Hohei posted...
Ah, you played Nexus too then.

Terrible, terrible game. Corrupt as ****, player ran communities are the worst idea ever.

Close, I played Dark Ages, lol.
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User Info: Desulated

3 years ago#38
No because I don't play MMOs.
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User Info: jake-sf

3 years ago#39
Few games are actually designed to make this concept fun.

The very concept can often end up creating things like DayZ -> people that murder each other at every turn with no consequences and no remorse.

That makes for a terrible game.

Likewise, the game needs to be meticulously balanced. Otherwise you just end up constantly in encounters you never had a chance to even see, die, and lose stuff. Most MMOs are so terrible you couldn't beat someone a few levels above you. That screams of awful design.

And then you have the more sandbox-like MMOs, who are terrible, and an utter waste of human life time.

One of the MMO I played when I was younger (The 4th Coming) had a death penalty that included lost XP and items, but the world had rules about killing, a "server clan" (leaders of those were Game Masters) with special powers that served as the "police", seeking people with repeated offense as murderers and even had the ability to put them in jail.

That was hte most interesting the death penalty ever was. It meant that anyone could turn on you if they so desired to try and get your items, but the game had an easy "get out" button to go back to town, and killing (if you are the one attacking first) came with penalties.

This means the game, "roleplaying" wise, had a lot of killers, but you didn't die every time you step out of time, and it created "good" and "bad" people equally, instead of everyone beeing bad and praying on the weak, with no one defending the weak.

It was far from a perfect game, by the way. I like the concept of a more PvP oriented world with heavy death penalty, its just never done in an interesting way, and free-for-all with permanent losses juts means terrible MMOs.

If we're just talking on a PvE side, I do like to see penalties as well, although the point of penalties aren't necessarily to be "grindy". But again, almost every MMO is designed on an incredibly simple and predictable progression path, in which case it only ever means "losing time" and "losing precious power that makes your character complete garbage now".

Hah, anyway. Doing a good MMO with those features doesn't sound easy, does it.

User Info: Desulated

3 years ago#40
jake-sf posted...
Hah, anyway. Doing a good MMO with those features doesn't sound easy, does it.

The concept of a MMO has always fallen one of these three categories:

-Borderline inhumane punishments
-Garbage community and moderators alike

Pick your poison.
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