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Can we take the word "casual" out our vocabulary, plz?

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  3. Can we take the word "casual" out our vocabulary, plz?

User Info: LazyyAmerican

3 years ago#11
A true cinematic 24 fps experience

User Info: vashtricham

3 years ago#12
Why most forms of entertainment use the word casual. Casual viewer, casual reader and so on.
Marvel heroes: Cap and Gambit

User Info: youshallbeasgod

3 years ago#13
Sora_Anbu posted...
Replace it with?

Relax, it's just a game.

User Info: LazyyAmerican

3 years ago#14
In OPs defense....if I could I would assassinate the word selfie as I feel an uncontrollable urge to vomit upon this incessant usage of a "word".
A true cinematic 24 fps experience

User Info: rainedown

3 years ago#15
I think it's fine as it is, you just can't control what trolls and perseverating neck beards are going to try to turn into the next 'insult'.

FFVI on droid was remade as a casual mobile game, and is fantastic. Guild Wars 2 is a great MMO for casual players who don't want to obsess on raiding three nights a week. Most Tactics games are casual versions of civilization or world building games.

It's not a bad thing to be casual, it just means you're more accessible and open to more people. I'm not knocking niche games either, they've got an important place too-- but casual as an insult is just stupid and shows how little the person really thinks about the gaming industry as a whole. ...or that they have unresolved issues in general and want to try taking them out on 'the normals' lol.

User Info: force_edge

3 years ago#16
happyscrub1 posted...
wildog2006 posted...
Looks like you've already removed the word "of" from your vocabulary, why not just be mute?

I would like to point out the stupidity of this response, but it would be too easy.

You also removed the word "please".
GameFAQs, where opinions get moderated as "Flaming" just because some moderator felt hurt by it.

User Info: RunFromThisGun

3 years ago#17
Popular = Casual, unless it's a PC only game.

User Info: Dawnshadow

3 years ago#18
RunFromThisGun posted...
Popular = Casual, unless it's a PC only game.

By that logic, Popcap was a hardcore developer at one point.
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User Info: SleepComa

3 years ago#19
Lol TC = confirmed casul

User Info: Voxwik

3 years ago#20
happyscrub1 posted...
It's being overused and misused so much, that it has little meaning to me everytime I hear it.

It's so incredibly true.

"What, there is a game play change I dislike or feel makes something too easy or less complex?? OMG it's the casuals!!!!!!111"

"What, some may dare disagree with my opinion??? Casuals!!!111"

That about sums it up. You can add "true fans" or "long time fans" or even "the fans" to this too. It's not quite as common as the 'casual' garbage but there are people that feel their opinion is just so important and superior that they have the audacity to talk about what "the fans" want. I'm not criticizing people that complain about changes or direction or who claim that quite a few people aren't happy, but instead when people try to blanket claim a majority opinion or "long time fan" opinion. It's usually stated in such a way to imply anyone who disagrees isn't a 'true' fan or hasn't been a long time fan of the series, and it's almost always proven immediately wrong by others who disagree. It's not on Sony platforms but Metroid: Other M is a great example of this. To be sure it has a mixed reaction to put it kindly, but then there will be a few people who try to claim the only people who like it are new to the series... which is totally false. Actually a much better example is the TES series in which there is a crowd that tries to claim "real long time fans" prefer Morrowind or that long time series fans always miss things like armor/weapon repair, acrobatics, and athletics when that's simply not always the case.
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