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Best midnight release you've ever gone to?

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User Info: Orestes417

3 years ago#21
Never been to one. Never intend to go to one either, especially when the time spent could be playing the game the second it unlocks.
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User Info: harcoreblazer

3 years ago#22
Never went to one. Doubt i'll ever will.
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User Info: TheCommunator

3 years ago#23
Halo 2

User Info: Blutonic

3 years ago#24
Final Fantasy XIII

Game was absolute garbage

But I did go home with a Tifa-cosplaying school-mate of mine who woke up in my bed the next morning.

The midnight release was also great (not just because of the sex) because there was pizza, two asian guys fighting with giant swords, and an old bearded guy with little chicks that looked like Chocobo.

T'was a night to remember.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#25
Went with a bunch of friends to the Halo Reach launch, it was pretty cool. The gamestop borrowed a bunch of TVs from a tv shop down the road and opened up a bunch of preowned xboxes plus the employees opened up their copies as soon as the store officially closed and used them to hold a tournament.

Wii launch was alright, had a friend with me and made a few more.

Most boring was the Burning Crusade launch. I didn't really want to go but a friend who wasn't old enough to drive asked me to take him so I went ahead and picked up my copy as well, we showed up at like 11:50 and were out the door by 12:05.

Seems like I went to a few more but those are all that came to mind. Reach was the only one I'd do again I think.
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User Info: dementedlullaby

3 years ago#26
Digital Storm posted...
I've never gone to a midnight release.
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The passion of lovers is for death

User Info: Raikouen

3 years ago#27
I've only been to a few.

The only one I truly enjoyed was CoD: Ghosts' midnight release (still don't regret the $180 I spent either). This one they had food, a DJ, and the ability to play system linked FFA of the game. Went through three rounds in first place until finally being defeated...

User Info: Raikouen

3 years ago#28
Titanfall's was garbage, though. I went to that because I had the TF X1 bundle paid off, and there were only 20 people there total (15 of which got Dark Souls, one got the PC version of TF, and 2 including me were getting the system bundle) and it was nothing but standing in line while watching a gameplay demo of Ryse.
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