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Why did Duke Nukem Forever bomb?

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User Info: Waytoodeep03

3 years ago#31
KaiserWarrior posted...
They kept trying to be bleeding-edge, in terms of technology and style, and they never settled on "we're going with this and shipping it". Classic scope creep, the bane of all software projects.

As to why Duke Nukem Forever tanked when it finally did come out? It didn't have the balls (of steel!) to be a true classic-style Duke Nukem game, so it lost the crowd that wanted to play DN3D with prettier graphics. And Duke as a character, really as an archetype of a character, is simply irrelevant to the modern gaming masses. He was, in every way, a product of the late 80s to early-mid 90s, and the broader culture simply doesn't grok that style anymore. He's Arnold Schwarzeneggar in a world where Schwarzeneggar has been out of movies for decades and everybody's on to Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg.

This is pretty much it. Project had no direction from the start

User Info: ShadowThaReaper

3 years ago#32
People were told to hate it. It's important to remember that DNF and Bioshock Infinite suffer from the same problems.

That's not to say that it wasn't fatally flawed. The modern mechanics, like regenerating health, and 2 weapon limit were awful. 3D Realms had no vision, so the game kept changing form. It wasn't helped by the game going to Gearbox, who stapled together the finished parts and scrapped everything else and pushed the game out the door with no mod tools.

Its latest form was actually supposed to come out years ago. If it had, it would have been received better, most likely.

User Info: Goldninja

3 years ago#33
Two weapon limit. Regenerating health. Vehicle sections (the race car one wasn't terrible. The duke truck sections were). Some boring levels. Some Dukeisms were just bleh and eye roll worthy.

The two weapon limit really sucked though. Even if the game has some unique and interesting weapons to try out, the two weapon limit ruins it. You need one explosive based weapon to fight the bosses. That leaves you with generally one option that you'll use, probably, 80% of the time. Weapon limits are for games that are trying to be more realistic. Duke is as far from realistic as one can get. Why give him realistic limitations?

I enjoyed the game for what it was, but I could see the glaring flaws.
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User Info: SpazH3d

3 years ago#34
I know everyone says they made a Duke game in an era where he doesn't fit in, but it's very much possible to make a good Duke game and retain the character. DNF was just a half-assed effort and got everything wrong, especially the humor. Humor is a hard thing to get right.
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#35

Basically that

User Info: Jprime666

3 years ago#36
It failed because they spent too much time developing it and it was always getting outdated. The actual released game failed because it was another dime a dozen modern corridor shooter.
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User Info: Voxwik

3 years ago#37
A few already mentioned it but the thing I always heard was how they got the humor totally wrong, taking the cheesy moderately crude humor of DN3D and instead having some extremely crude potty humor that would devolve into outright horrifying stuff at times. I particularly remember quite a few people bringing up a level that rewarded killing a bunch of women who would spawn enemies if you let them live. DN3D had a few disturbing trapped women but nothing on the level as what was described as being in this game. Basically it took it to the extreme that it was no longer funny and at times outright disturbing... which is not a recipe for success.

If the game played very well it might have gotten away with it. If the humor was more like the original it might have gotten away with it. Instead it failed on both fronts. I mean really though, even ignoring the humor, what is with the stupid two weapon regenerating health thing lately? I liked Halo, but at least in that game you have shields. It doesn't mean every FPS has to be Halo though. I'll take games like Jedi Knight/Jedi Outcast with a ton of weapons and powers that you can switch between at will over this modern stuff any day.

User Info: samuraigaiden

3 years ago#38
Duke Nukem as a character was always terrible, a poorly written mish mash of 80s movies one-liners and dumb ass attitude. 90% of what he says in Duke Nukem 3D was ripped off from somewhere else without giving proper credit (and probably would be considered plagiarism nowadays, but at the time games got a pass for being irrelevant).

Duke Nukem's only relevant moment was in the original DOS platformer when he said this:

User Info: arleas

3 years ago#39
I'm sure a lot of publishers look at what's popular and then try to emulate it, which is why we wind up with so many bland/brown military shooters with regenerating health and 2 weapons.

If they had any balls and did stuff their own way, maybe they might fail, but maybe they might succeed too and then THEY could be the ones being copied.

User Info: ShadowThaReaper

3 years ago#40
samuraigaiden posted...
90% of what he says in Duke Nukem 3D was ripped off from somewhere else without giving proper credit (and probably would be considered plagiarism nowadays, but at the time games got a pass for being irrelevant).

Shut up.
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