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Why did Duke Nukem Forever bomb?

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User Info: Myzery

2 years ago#61
Goldninja posted...
Pretty sure at the end of the level, it tallied the secrets and the women you found. Or maybe that was Duke 64. I don't remember. In any case, mercy killing them is a good thing, unless you want them to suffer.

in duke3d (can't speak for 64), at the end of the level you get time to complete, enemies killed, and secrets found. there are no points, and nothing about how many women found. the only thing "mercy killing" them gives you is a room full of monsters.
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User Info: Goldninja

2 years ago#62
Must be Duke 64 then.
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User Info: Integnos

2 years ago#63
kingoffps posted...
Gearbox made the Half-Life expansions, which were amazing games. I don't think I can name anything recent of theirs off the top of my head that I've played. So wait, they suck now?

Next you'll be telling me Bullfrog Productions and Raven Software suck.

Did they create the gameplay in the Half-Life expansions? No. Valve did with the original Half-Life. All Gearbox did was add more content.

User Info: arleas

2 years ago#64
Gearbox hasn't had that many big successes, and any goodwill they earned got pissed away with their Aliens Colonial Marines flop. But really, the only thing Gearbox could be blamed for with DNF is taking all the assets and squeezing out the turd of a game so that they could say "See! We finished it!"

The main reason why DNF was so bad was because it was cobbled together with bits and pieces from 10+ years worth of code and it felt like it. I also felt like the game had a lot of potential that was wasted with half-assed attempts of adding mini-games.

They had a pinball game inside the game, except it was a horrible pinball game. They gave you the option to shoot some hoops, except it felt like throwing rocks, not basketballs. There was a point where you had to drive a remote controlled truck that felt like it was thrown in because "why not?". Instead of exploring the possibilities of any of these things and making it feel polished and worth doing, it felt tacked on like they wanted to pad out the game length with extra stuff.

Everything remotely cool about the game came out feeling like it was just there for show and not actually much fun to play with. The crude humor was mostly cringeworthy instead of actually funny, and some of the characters in the game had this "uncanny valley" thing going with how awkward they looked.

I didn't make it that far into the game because the gameplay was kinda lackluster and the jokes weren't funny to me. The only Duke Nukem game I ever really got to play and enjoy was "Time to Kill" on the PS1 so I had no "nostalgia" making me want to plow through the game.

For $5 it was a decent game. I just feel sorry for anyone who paid full price for it.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

2 years ago#65
Lemur_H posted...
ace_two_max posted...
+ Gearbox sucks.

Do you really think a modern Duke Nukem game could ever be good?

Sure. The great stage design and fun weapons are what made Duke great to begin with, and those are timeless.
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User Info: chandl34

2 years ago#66
Has anyone mentioned "nostalgia glasses" yet?
... even on Earth Mode.

User Info: sonicteam2k1

2 years ago#67
because the gameplay was bad.

I don't think anyone would have cared about anything else if it had good gameplay.
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User Info: wizardmon

2 years ago#68
I'm pretty sure if all the girls in the parasitic alien incubation level where instead grizzled lumberjack men from the north not a single human being on this entire planet Everyone but tumblr social justice warriors would have batted a eye playing through the level and there never would have been any crying about the "bad rape jokes" going through the forums.

The way I look at it, the aliens just needed some bodies for some hyper-fast gestation and the male bodies of the humans just didn't work out for that kind of manufacturing. Saying "Your ****ed" to someone who's been injected with a parasitic species that's eating the host alive from the inside out is a bit of a word play only if you are actively blocking out any mature objectivizations you could ascertain from assessing the situation.
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User Info: AzurexNightmare

2 years ago#69
Everyone should see Angry Joe's review
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User Info: ChromaticAngel

2 years ago#70
the game wasn't poorly received because of rape jokes, it was poorly received because the folks who had any interest in it wanted Duke Nukem 3D 2, instead, we got Halo: Duke Nukem Edition.

I'd actually go as far to recommend DNF to people who like Halo, since they're both average boring consolized shooters.
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