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If you were buying a gaming laptop, which brand would you get?

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User Info: sarevokmb

3 years ago#21
Garage_Man posted...
sarevokmb posted...
Garage_Man posted...
That's a trick question. Obviously the MacBook Pro. It has the 750m for on the go gaming which will work okay. Also a pretty good proc to back it up and pcie ssd...

Anyways then when you get home you plug your thunderbolt cable into your MBP and now have a 780ti. Now you game away in glory and can pick up and go whenever you need to.

I personally feel that's the only realistic option.

... Yeah.

Anyway, Asus is always a good choice. Their machines are really built to last. They have huge vents for the fans, too, which lets the cool easily, and makes them easy to keep dust-free. Also, they are usually relatively cheap for what they have inside.

Hey he never said keep it cheap. How do I know his budget ISN'T 5k lol.

It isn't even about the overall price. The idea of paying extra for Apple's name on a product, and then just installing Windows on it anyway, is completely absurd. Also, for 5k, you can get a MUCH better Windows gaming laptop.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#22
darkus_f posted...
Dragnfyr posted...
Razer Blade 14.
It's the most powerful ultraportable gaming laptop on the market. It's definitely what I would get if money was not an issue.

This is honestly the only gaming laptop I'd consider. Great balance of specs and portability though you definitely pay for it, my only gripe is the lack of storage options, though I'd just end up installing my daily drivers to the SSD and everything else to a 3.5" HDD in a USB 3.0 enclosure.

Anything bigger and I'd just go mitx and a small/thin monitor.
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User Info: TitanStrike

3 years ago#23
alien wear i want dem lights so all the people can see how COOL i am
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