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When you hear the word "raid" in terms of an online game, what do you imagine?

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  3. When you hear the word "raid" in terms of an online game, what do you imagine?

User Info: P_Crazy

3 years ago#1
Just wondering. - Results (553 votes)
More difficult dungeon with 4-8 people
9.58% (53 votes)
More difficult with around 8 people
8.5% (47 votes)
More difficult with 8 to 24 people
43.58% (241 votes)
More difficult with 24+ people
38.34% (212 votes)
This poll is now closed.

User Info: MahoganyTooth92

3 years ago#2
I imagine a MMO.
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User Info: Superlinkbros89

3 years ago#3
A bunch of nerds with too much time on their hands
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User Info: the_dracolich

3 years ago#4
Immune to criticals, criticism, negative board level, etc.

User Info: LordSeifer

3 years ago#5
^ this

User Info: Atma057

3 years ago#6
Are you really that worried about Destiny?
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User Info: Interfusor

3 years ago#7
BWL 40 man wiping on Razorgore ad infinitium. Story of my guild.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

3 years ago#8
Give it some time, see what DLC comes along and updates are released. It's too early to say what will end up being in the game further down the line.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

3 years ago#9
The bug spray called raid.
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User Info: HydroCannabinol

3 years ago#10
Drawers and drawers of panties, as far as the eye can see.
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  3. When you hear the word "raid" in terms of an online game, what do you imagine?

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