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Should I take the time to learn WASD instead of ESDF?

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User Info: SilentHawk29

3 years ago#21
How does he strafe and sprint at the same time? Or use any key on the left, really. Unless he has oddly designed hands, he'd have a hard time hitting X and W while moving as well. On WASD, Tab, Caps, Shift, and Ctrl are all within reach without taking away from the four directional movement. ESDF has even more keys within reach of the pinky.
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User Info: Boge

3 years ago#22
I've tried to switch to WASD, but it just doesn't work. My fingers are too used to where they're supposed to be. Can't teach an old dog new tricks.

User Info: DarkLaguna

3 years ago#23
k debonair posted...
As a lefty, I don't see how this is an issue.

For me, the first thing I do in a game is remap the keys to the numberpad. Thus, all of my games have the same controls and I don't have to re-learn anything.

Wouldn't right-handers do the same thing, but just on a different set of keys?

I'm left handed, and I use WASD, and of course use my right hand for the mouse. I just assumed other left handers were at least somewhat ambidexterous, given that almost everything is designed for right hand use. It's a pain to remap everything so you can use the mouse in your left hand.
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User Info: FL81

3 years ago#24
still using arrow keys master race

User Info: GreenMage7

3 years ago#25
Mouse in left hand + number pad. Works awesome.

User Info: rainedown

3 years ago#26
FL81 posted...
still using arrow keys master race

I did this for soooooooooooooo long lol.

Tc, play with whatever you like, but as a wasd convert it is much easier to not have to worry about switching controls in games and once you get used to it (and you will) it'll seem just as second nature as your original setup.

User Info: SilentHawk29

3 years ago#27
I think HL2 was the first time using WASD instead of arrow keys for me. Page up and down for z-axis looking, oh yeah!
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User Info: SuigintouEV

3 years ago#28
FL81 posted...
still using arrow keys master race

right control / end / right shift / enter / up / down / left / right / 0 / 1 / space bar / page up / page down - all the buttons I'll ever need. I just slide my whole keyboard over to the left.

The idea of wasd bothers my OCD, because w is slightly left of s.
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User Info: Garage_Man

3 years ago#29
kelemvor posted...
Keep what works for you. I use a AEDF, which is very similar but spread out so my pinky and pointer fingers do the strafing. Once you get used to my method, you won't ever go back to the inferior WASD and it's variants. Not only is your hand completely on the home row, but because your hand is spread over 4 keys you have more keys in reach to bind for other things. I bind "S" to open doors or activate item and my ring finger just sits on top of it.

I respect everyone's control scheme, but a HUGE pet peave of mine is games where you can't set any key bindings at all. Like the Starbound developers thinking everyone in the world used WASD and didn't bother to let the user change anything. I'ts probably fixed now but the Starbound ship has sailed for me.

That feels strangely good..WASD to me always felt cramped. Yours feels really nice. DZCV also feels good because your pinky is right next to shift. Otherwise its the same as yours. I think I have found a new way to control my games.

User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#30
I simply can't fathom ever using ESDF. It'd feel so unnatural, especially with my keyboard having a notch on the W-key (like the F-key or J-key usually do) to help locate it while gaming.
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