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So I joined the glorious PC master race

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User Info: Jason_Hudson

2 years ago#21
My recommendations:

The Half Life Series, Portal (which you can get in the Orange Box)
Portal 2
Skyrim - look on NexusMods to see what you can do with the game, modding (at least to me) is a huge part of the PC experience, being able to tailor games to your liking. Bethesda makes it easy to install mods. You can also use console commands to tweak settings such as run speed and so on
Fallout 3 and New Vegas (again look on NexusMods)
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Payday 2
Dirt 3 if you're into racing, or F1 2013.
Kerbal Space Program - you run your own space program, NASA style. Plenty of mods for this game too.
Project Zomboid - It's a zombie survival game that has pretty much everything. You can customise the zombies from Romero's classic zombies to the infected in 28 Days Later, when the water and electricity is likely to go off etc etc. There's a lot of rubbish zombie survival games out there, but this one is great.
Starcraft 2 - great real time strategy title
Wargame series - another great RTS series
The Walking Dead season 1 and 2 (the Telltale series, steer clear of the one published by Activision)
Arma III - War simulator, very in depth

Classic games:
The Doom Series. My favourite FPS, again mods like Brutal Doom and GZDoom really enhance the game.

The great thing about the PC is there is pretty much a game for everyone. Steam now has tagging, which for the most part is correct, so just type in a keyword and have a look.

Word of warning though, always check the reviews, maybe look them up on Youtube. Sometimes great games can be terrible ports, and with the unregulated GreenLight and Early Access service, some terrible games get through. See Air Control, Infestation: Survivor Stories (formerly The WarZ) and Day One: Garry's Incident for reference.

Other places than Steam to look:

GOG (Good Old Games) - they modify old games so that they work on modern systems

Green Man Gaming - They do a lot of discounts here and there

Origin - This is the place you want to go if you want EA titles. It's not as bad as people make out. I've only had positive experiences with the service and EA's customer support when things went wrong.

HumbleBundle - This site does bundles of indie titles and sometimes titles from specific publishers where you pay what you want (minimum being $1, beating the average will get you more games) and what you pay gets split with charity, developers and the upkeep of the site.
Over 8,000,000 players on Steam at the same time.
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User Info: LaggingRed

2 years ago#22
I feel ya. I just joined the master race and I've gotten a lot of recommendations, but I just can't bring mysef to buy them right now.

For now I'm playing Skyrim with mods and as strange as this sounds accomplishing mods to work was much more fun than playing the game. I've spent days getting the right mods together to work and it has made me feel euphoria now that I've figured out how to run all my mods in 45+ fps!

Anyways I'd go for Civ 5 if you don't wanna go for skyrim at the moment. It really is surprisingly addicting game despite it being a heavy strategy game. Logged in 30 hours of gameplay in 5 days. It is really satisfying conquering countries that are dooshes like that pompous queen Elizabeth!

Btw I have a 770 too. Don't be depressed if you think that your graphic is incapable of handling all the skyrim mods. You just have to figure stuff out to make it work!

User Info: TitanStrike

2 years ago#23
team fortress 2
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