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What games have you spent playing over a 150 hours on?

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User Info: DragonAtma

3 years ago#31
I've been playing games for thirty years; I'll undoubtedly miss some (or, more likely, most), partially because many of them don't keep savetimes or are scattered across multiple saves. But these are the ones where I'm certain I've reached 150 hours:

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2
Final Fantasy II (aka FF Cecil)
Final Fantasy Tactics
Zelda II
Disgaea II
Phantom Brave
Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Gold
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User Info: ssringo

3 years ago#32
Definite (as in I can look at my recorded hours right now)
Dark Souls
WoW (played consistently for 7 years...)

Probable (can't verify)
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 4, 6, 7
Diablo 3
Dragon's Dogma
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User Info: SilentLoner

3 years ago#33
Castle Crashers
Dead Island
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Don't Starve
Dragon's Dogma
Final Fantasy VIII
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy
Mount and Blade: Warband
Pokémon Red and Blue
Red Dead Redemption
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User Info: Setzera

3 years ago#34
I'll try to put these in order that I remember playing them.

WWF Raw (SNES) - Should be over 150.
Top Gear (SNES) - " ".

WWF No Mercy (N64) - Definitely over 150, probably pushing 350+.

NHL 2001 (PS1) - Played this almost daily for a decade, so this is probably pushing 2-3000 hours. lol
Triple Play '98 (PS1) - " " ", probably pushing 1500-2000 hours.
NFL Gameday (PS1) - " " ", probably pushing 500 hours.

Phantasy Star Online (DC) - Played this almost daily for 6 years, 1-2000 hours I'm guessing.

Killing Floor (PC) - 189 hours on Steam, and rising.
Total War: Shogun 2 - 256 hours on Steam, and rising.

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (PS3) - Around 150.
Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires (PS3) - 154 according to save file.
NHL '14 (PS3) - This either has, or guaranteed will hit well over 150 hours.

There might be a few more, but of all those listed, I only still play Killing Floor, Shogun 2, and NHL '14. A few others are getting close as well, but this is already pushing tl;dr territory.
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User Info: Gump_the_Great

3 years ago#35
Majora's Mask
Mass Effect 1
Mass Effect 2
Diablo 2
Diablo 3
Final Fantasy XII
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Battlefield 2
Battlefield Bad Co 2
Battlefield 3
Battlefield 4
Cod 1
Mario Cart series
Super Smash Bros series
(H)itman: Blood Money
Fallout 3
Fallout NV
Dragon's Dogma
Dragon Age: Origins
Kingdom Hearts series
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Metal Gear Solid 1
Metal Gear Solid 3
Metal Gear Solid 4
Kerbal Space Program
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Borderlands 2
Dead Space series
Halo series
Gears of War series
Pokemon series
Saints Row 2
Counter Strike 1.6
Counter Strike Source
Left 4 Dead series

Sadly..... more i am either forgetting or leaving intentionally off the list.....

GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
Dark Souls series
Ratchet and Clank series
Jak and Daxter series
UFC 2009
Farcry 2
Farcry 3
Fable 2
Fable 3
Assassin's Creed series
Rock Band series
Guitar Hero series
Super Mario series
Sims series
Legend of Dragoon
Tekken series
Mortal Kombat series

User Info: ManaAlchemist

3 years ago#36
I know there's more than these, but these ones are the ones I'm 100% certain that I've played like even 200-300 hours at least:

Disgaea Hour of Darkness
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst
Phantasy Star Online 2
Borderlands 2
Pokemon Blue
Pokemon White 2
Pokemon X
Tales of Symphonia

User Info: bailer4life

3 years ago#37
Pokemon each gen
Final Fantasy 5, 7, 8, 12, tactics and tactics A2
Tactics Ogre LUCT
Bravely Default
Skies of Arcadia
Demon's Souls and Dark Souls
Dragon quest 8 & 9

Probably mario 64 and super mario land as wells as loads of others now I think of it. would take too long to try n list them all. Halo, persona 3, golden eye 007, perfect dark, mario kart (snes) etc.
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User Info: stickdude0

3 years ago#38
The Sims 1-3
Azure Dreams
Metal Gear Solid 3
Metal Gear Solid 4
Soul Calibur 3
Dark Souls
Dynasty Warriors 6-7 Empires
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User Info: Master_Bass

3 years ago#39
jessica73 posted...
Crusader Kings 2

This is my most current game I've done that on.
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User Info: ChaosCrono

3 years ago#40
Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9
Legend of Legaia
Legend of Dragoon
Chrono Trigger / Cross
Total War Shogun 2 / Dlcs
Dark Souls 1 / 2
Demon Souls
Tales of games
Resident Evil 5

I'm sure there's more, Sonic games, Mario, you name it I played it probably too many times for very long amounts of time.
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