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Games that are generally unknown that you love dearly.

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User Info: verycorny

3 years ago#21
PSN/Steam - verycorny
3DS Friend Code - 0001-3307-3720

User Info: bigbadharry

3 years ago#22
Night Slashers X
Rocket Viper 2
WH Supreme Justice
Out World Assassins

Nobody cares....


User Info: BeerOnTap

3 years ago#23
Blast Corps (N64)
Monster Hunter (Though very well known here, most average people I talk to have no idea)

User Info: brotrrwinner

3 years ago#24
You Are Empty
September 21st, 2008
Never forget

User Info: thebladeofwoe

3 years ago#25
Jet force gemini...(N64)

No one mentions it ever..
A10 ('@2.3) HD 7600G & HD 7670M 8gb ram W8.
PSV:riley100311 (my name is paul though :-D

User Info: TropicMoon10

3 years ago#26
I suppose the Trine series. It's a masterpiece as far as I'm concerned.

User Info: Danzorz88

3 years ago#27
MahoganyTooth92 posted...
Shadow of Rome (PS2)

This! One of my favorite games! Such fond memories of maiming people.
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User Info: Nineteen99

3 years ago#28
"There must be some kind of way out of here, said the joker to the thief. There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief."

User Info: foodeater4

3 years ago#29
Monkeymage posted...
Gunnac (NES)
Low G Man (NES)
Assault Suits Leynos (Genesis)
Ex Ranga (Genesis)
Soulblazer (SNES)
Stunt Race FX (SNES)
Hybrid Heaven (N64)
Sin & Punishment (N64)
Enemy Zero (Saturn)
Sokyugurentai (Saturn)
Threads of Fate (PSX)
Kartia (PSX)
Skygunner (PS2)
Stretch Panic (PS2)
Record of Lodoss War (Dreamcast)
Bangai-O (Dreamcast)
Phantom Dust (Xbox Hueg)
Gunvalkyrie (XBox Hueg)

No Herzog Zwei?

User Info: Beefbud

3 years ago#30
Cubivore (Gamecube)
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