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What is the best bang-for-your-buck GPU on the market?

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User Info: WalterWilding

3 years ago#1
What is the best quality to price ratio card you can get for any price?
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User Info: h3IIfir3pho3nix

3 years ago#2
Pretty sure it's the 770 (not counting AMD). The 800 series will obviously change that though.
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User Info: Jocko

3 years ago#3
On the AMD side:

Veddy good price to performance. 3GB of VRAM is a nice bonus too.
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User Info: rainedown

3 years ago#4
The 280x is a good card right now, as the price has dropped in a lot of places giving it a bit of an edge.

What you want to do with your system does have an impact on which is preferable though, and there's a lower soft cap for performance to price you can stop at as well. Tom's hardware has a decent monthly column comparing card performance with the latest price changes, I'd read that over if I were you.

User Info: MaddScience

3 years ago#5
high end: R9 290/GTX 780
performance class: R9 280/GTX 760
mid range: R9 270(non X they are both 7870 rebadge)

below that who cares eh?
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User Info: ArkonBlade

3 years ago#6
Depends on what price point you are looking at.
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Haley Joel Osment 3 years ago#7
750 Ti, comfortably.
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User Info: fire2box

3 years ago#8
750ti is pretty damn solid. Just don't expect to max out anything like Infinite, max payne 3, etc at 1080p/60FPS.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#9
As far as frames/dollar go the 280/7950 is up near the top with the 760/660ti behind it. If shadowplay or gamestream (not steam streaming) appeal to you that adds a lot of bang for the buck to the 760/660ti. You'll also get access to nvidia's DX11 drivers which are frankly fantastic, they pretty much nullify Mantle as a pro for AMD cards since every mantle game supports DX11 and there's plenty of DX11 games that don't support mantle, their DX11 drivers are nearly as efficient as the entire mantle API to the point that a 780/780ti beat the 290/290x respectively in games that support mantle. There's also the extended driver support.
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User Info: YeonGoa

3 years ago#10
Lol @ People saying the 750ti. The r9 270 can be had for around $20 dollars more in most cases and runs laps around it.
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