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What's the longest time you've spent playing a single game in one sitting?

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  3. What's the longest time you've spent playing a single game in one sitting?

User Info: Monkeymage

3 years ago#51
When I was like 17, I played 20 hours of Xenogears in one sitting.

After a surgery when I was 25, I think I beat Metroid Prime 2 in like three sittings.

Nowadays I don't spend more than an hour or two at a time.
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User Info: PsychoShion

3 years ago#52
ive done 48hr straight sessions on my pc games, but console was ff12 and 12 hrs, but like 20 of those in one month
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User Info: Chaos_Missile

3 years ago#53
I once played Digimon World 3 from 11am morning till 11pm night, taking breaks only for meals and shower
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User Info: Dreag0n

3 years ago#54
Probably something up to 10 hours. Not reallys specific games but usually those games are a new Total War game or a new RPG I've bought. After that it goes to fairly regular 3 hour sessions.
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User Info: fuzzybear69

3 years ago#55
Everquest, I spend two and a half days nonstop before my head hit the keyboard.

User Info: Tourtus

3 years ago#56
According to my 3DS, my average play time for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 37 minutes but I could have played another game for much much longer.
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User Info: Digital Storm

Digital Storm
3 years ago#57
Gaming, it'd probably be WoW. It was normal for me to be up for the weekend doing Molten Core, AQ20, ZG and then 5 mans and PvP.
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User Info: Setzera

3 years ago#58
Played so many games for way longer than I should have, so I don't remember. But most recently, probably 12 hours on Payday 2.
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User Info: Arcadia__person

3 years ago#59
Man, you guys have had some intense sessions.

I honestly don't think I've ever played for more than 4 hours at a time, maximum. Probably not even quite that long.
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User Info: troyboyx

3 years ago#60
Definitely 12-14 hours or so playing the original Civilization. Just one more turn....
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