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Building my first PC and need some advice on parts

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User Info: MrLost

3 years ago#11

Here you go. Parts filtered based on Newegg prices. Now go to Fry's and see if you can find all of these parts, keep the list and prices with you, and get whichever ones are priced lower than Newegg.

Also, I left the case off so you could pick out your own. Go to Newegg and pick your favourite one and keep it in mind. Then when you go to Fry's check their selection, pick your favourite of those, and then decide whether you'd like that one better, or the one you liked on Newegg better, and buy whichever is your most favouritest one of the two. Just about any ATX or MicroATX tower should work fine with those parts.
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User Info: iiFroZenHeAveNz

3 years ago#12
Hmmm I've never suggested this before but since you're up about playing medium... Maybe skip out on getting a GPU altogether and go straight for a Mini-ITX Mobo, an A-10 Kaveri APU, and a 2400 mhz 8 (2x4) Ram sticks? I think then you'd be saving yourself some money for sure while playing pretty well on medium-high settings.. Maybe around 30-45 fps on 1080p.


It's $40 over 400 because I wanted to give you 8 gb of ram which helps run games a little better. Plus $40 more should be relatively affordable.
This is all from Newegg which I believe is better than Fry's from personal experience.
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