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Did I lose my master race card?

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User Info: Goshorai

3 years ago#31
revolver posted...

You can set the emulator to whatever res y'know. Unless you mean the low poly models.
" didn't even last a minute."

User Info: Biglabron

3 years ago#32
Lvthn posted...
Last I checked, retro gaming was master race approved.


Emulating can be done but it shouldn't be condoned even among us Master race populace. I won't tell, but moral's are moral's. More products bought ensures we keep getting content out the gate.
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User Info: Dieinafire1

3 years ago#34
You haven't been in the maser race for a long time if ever. Master race entry level is a 2000 dollar tower. Monitor and everything else extra. Master race currently runs 4k 45 to 144 fps depending on game

User Info: Dieinafire1

3 years ago#35
And in ultra of course!

User Info: Fade2black001

3 years ago#36
TC did you REALLY have to make this topic? Do you care so much as to what other people think. Who gives a crap and buy and do what the hell you want to do.
We're Americans! We don't quit just because we're wrong.
We just keep doing the wrong thing until it turns out right.

User Info: StormKMD

3 years ago#37
foodeater4 posted...
Nah, Nintendo is different and they offer a lot of unique games that cant be played anywhere else. PS3/4 and Xbox 360/One are basically very lackluster PC's and the original games aren't super original either, just more FPS's and such and some boring racers.

Pretty much this actually.
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User Info: SupaflyGibson

3 years ago#38
chaos_belmont posted...
Perfect Dark on 360live is the best existing fps in our universe.

(feel free to have Another opinion, I sure do. Quite fantastical and good though, don't doubt)

That game has aged horribly. Also the input lag makes the game unplayable.
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User Info: neonplanets

3 years ago#39
What TV do you use? CRT is the only way to go.
(message deleted)
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